Amazing Race May 1, 2011 Results 5/1/11

The Amazing Race May 1, 2011 is the second to the last episode as the remaining five teams continue their race in Switzerland. Will there be some “cheating” again tonight? Which team will be the next who gets eliminated on TAR Amazing Race 5/1/11 results?

Many were disappointed last week with the results with what happened to the Cowboys. Those teams who cheated were not penalized, but the cowboys, who played fare, were penalized and arrived last at the pit stop. We are rooting for them to win but they are gone.

Anyway, tonight in the episode titled “Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen”, the teams will brave the bone-chilling temperature as they come face-to-face with the world famous Matterhorn. Tempers fare and years are shed in the most intense argument of the season. Which team will have this argument?

Who will be the final four team tonight? Who deserves to be in the race next week? Who was kicked off, eliminated on Amazing Race 5/1/11 results? It will be provided here.

Update: Kent & Vyxsin was eliminated.

1st – Flight Time & Big Easy

2nd – Kisha & Jen

3rd – Gary & Mallory

4th – Zrv & Justin

Note: Kent and Vyxsin is the third team to arrive but they got penalized after taking a cab

26 thoughts on “Amazing Race May 1, 2011 Results 5/1/11

  1. They are not together in really life. They just said that for tv. Last I heard Vyxsin was same sex oriented. I knew both of them personally before they created this fantasy of theirs they call fame. Yes Kynt is really that whiny…he is a doormat. She is a liar and I hope I do not see them in my end of town.

  2. Am so pleased that Kent and Vyxsin are finally gone! I could not bare hearing him whine another night. Is he really as whiny as he seems? Yuck!!,

  3. I am very disappointed about the cowboys and really think we should all protest the show, what kind of a family show encourages people to cheat, it is one thing to play the game smart but come on and jeff mr so called fair game man is just an idiot for not doing anything about it, I hope that this mistake comes back to bit all of them in the ass and that ratings plumit. we expect that kind of bull on survivor but not amazing race, I had to tell my kids that cheating is not good and playing fair is the better way the real way that men play. Way to go amazing race way to go……..

  4. I completely agree with Paul’s statement. The cowboys were the only team who did not cheat on last weeks episode and they were penalized for it. I couldn’t believe it when they were eliminated. I expected Jeff to make all the other teams sit out for a while. It is not fun without watching the cowboys in the mix. BOOOOOO!

  5. My husband and I totally agree with Katie and Paul. We were really disappointed that they allowed cheating and did no penalties when those teams came in. We like the Cowboys because they played fair and were supportive of each other. If they had been eliminated fairly, we would have been disappointed, but this is a game. My husband and I do NOT watch Survivor, etc. because of the way it is played. Now we did not watch this last episode of Race because it left a bad taste in our mouths and figured it has turned into one of THOSE types of shows. Boo on you….

  6. I feel like the cowboys are out because ALL the others cheated. I’ve watched “Amazing Race” for the last time. You can’t allow this type of thing to go on and keep viewers. It’s not like they didn’t know it was going on there are cameras everywhere to prove it. I don’t want to see a cheater win!!

  7. Oh get over it…. You all are sounding like kynt!! Whine Whine whine!!!! I liked the cowboys too but that’s part of the game. You win some you loose some..

  8. I was stunned when the cowboys were eliminated and the other teams who shared mileage information were NOT penalized. That was such a bad decision on whomever is responsible for overseeing individual team’s behavior.

  9. Vixen DID not steal his Gnome … she had only gone to the “oven” or Fridge, actually, the one time and she put hers on the bottom. She didn’t take anything from the Fridge, she said, I put mine on the bottom shelf, then went to her other piece still on her counter. If you remember Kent was complaining that she wasn’t going to put her stuff in the oven like everyone else and those people went back and forth and back and forth several times, so who knows what they did, but she went one time and put something in but didn’t take anything out. So not true.

  10. We didn’t tune in to AR last night for the first time since it started way back when. It was hard to do as it had become something we really looked forward to as there is not much for really good viewing on any channel these days . After checking into other sites for outcome of last night I can see we didn’t really miss much, Globetrotters playing their little fingerpointing game, if anyone should have been eliminated long ago it should have been them as they have been playing rather dirty all along, like moving backpacks, etc. Some ambassadors they have become to kids that really look up to them. We are a couple of retired adults who come from an era where things were either played by the rules or you suffered the consequences!! When did that all change? Now it’s who”s first with cheating. Shame on AR, the Globetrotters in particular for all their “fine morals” and any of the other teams that think playing the game this way is justifiable. I’m sure there are many parents out there that are trying to explain this to their children that what has been done on this show is a sham and that getting ahead in the world is not done by cheating but by honest work. In school they teach the children that bullying is not to be tolerated but this is what we witnessed pure and simple on the 4/24 segment. I really doubt that we will waste any more time on AR on the next season. This was the only reality show we watched anymore as it was still entertaining to see how the teams handled the tasks, sometimes hilarious (cheese rolling) and sometimes heartbreaking (milking camels) but at a time when things were still being done a bit more fair. To the teams that were eliminated before the cowboys, they tried hard and finished their tasks, (Luke) even when they knew it was probably in vain. To all future teams for the next season, it seems like they had better form their alliances quickly in order to stay in the game, no matter how much brawn you have but how much brain!!

  11. After the cheating on the 4/24 Amazing Race we stopped watching the show. So disappointed in the elimination of the cowboys especially after all the cheating and no penalizing. The cowboys were always respectful to everyone and supportive of each other. Will never watch the show again. What kind of a message does that send that cheating is okay and the end justifies the means?

  12. I was rather surprised, last week, that Zev and Justin didn’t get penalized after the cheese fondue situation – since Justin didn’t actually “finish”, but instead threw it up! That and the cheating on the mileage part of the race just done me in. Out of all the pairs, the Cowboys were the ones I felt most refreshing and worth rooting for. I have now marked another show off my list of “things to watch”. Done – washed my hands. Nothing like promoting cheating.

  13. Did not watch the last shown A M & I feel so clean. 🙂

    Don’t care who wins this gone-down-the-tubes in fairness “game”. Will not be watching.

  14. After watching last week’s episode, I told everyone I would not watch the show again. Yes, I was a fan of the cowboys, but I am a bigger fan of playing fair. The producers better do something to make it right or people will quit watching, like me!

  15. Seriously, all you cry babies need to shut it….about all this cheating business. I am pretty sure the cowboys “cheated” last week as well. I seem to remember Jet teaming up with Gary for a little while and then leaving him. I have to say I liked the cowboys and wanted them to win but all this boo booing over a T.V. program really. And I feel really sorry for your children if you expect them to learn from T.V.and not yourselves.

  16. G, boo hooing? Hardly. Just concerned individuals giving their personal opinions, like you with, “all this boo booing over a T.V. program really.” LOL

    Relax…don’t let others’ opinions get you in an uproar. Watch T A R and enjoy yourself. Or not. 🙂

  17. Seriousy…what cheating. seen so many teams share info so mant times with no penalties that it’a redic to call it cneating now that ur favs lost…lol.

  18. R U kidding? It was ‘PoorSport’ JEN – the biggest cheater on the show – she stole the Gnome! Clearly showing that sneaky guilt look on her mean face. She is rude, cheats, pushes deaf people, etc. She did NOT deserve a 2nd chance. Sharing info is part of the game, but interferring with other teams is dirty. Sorry to see the cowboys go; they were a tough team who never complained. Vyxin & Kynt were fun to watch; I’ll miss them.

  19. Vyxsin never touched Flight’s gnome. She never took anything OUT of the fridge she only put her half IN. I love the Globetrotters, but I thought it was very wrong of them to so strongly put blame on Vyxsin because they didn’t want to blame anyone else. They’ve been classy all season, but that was not a classy move and I lost a lot of respect for them. Big Easy was acting like a bully and Kent wasn’t even provoking him. After rewinding and watching that part again, it looks like Mallory was the one that took the wrong gnome.

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