Amazing Race May 11, 2014 Results 5/11/14

Teams will be traveling from Spain to United Kingdom tonight on The Amazing Race 24. There are only 4 remaining teams left! Who won’t make it to next week’s finale?

The four remaining teams are Dave & Connor, Brendon & Rachel, Caroline & Jennifer and Leo & Jamal. One of their tasks tonight is to shoot penalty goal against Liverpool FC Goalie while the road block is to memorize a Welsh poem, travel across Pontcysyllte Aqueduct and be able to recite it.

Meanwhile, tonight’s detour is either Shoot It or Boot It. Shoot it is a skeet shooting while boot it is a welly throwing.

The pit stop is at Peckforton Castle.

One of the final four teams will jeopardize their chances at making into the final three as they misread a clue. Which team could it be?

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Update: Leo & Jamal got eliminated! The final three teams are Dave & Connor, Caroline & Jennifer and Brendon & Rachel.


1, Dave & Connor

2. Brendon & Rachel

3. Leo & Jamal

4. Caroline & Jennifer


DESTINATION – London, England

ROAD BLOCK – those who will do it must memorize and recite a Welsh poem.

Those who did it are – Brendon, Caroline, Jamal, Connor


DETOUR – Boot It or Shoot It. In Boot It, teams must fill boots with water and toss them through the course until they reach the finish line. In Shoot It, teams must shoot down clay pigeons with a shotgun.

Boot It – Brendon & Rachel

Shoot It – Leo & Jamal, Dave & Connor, Caroline & Jennifer


PIT STOP – Peckforton Castle

1st – Dave & Connor – they win a trip to Fiji

2nd – Caroline & Jennifer

3rd – Brendon & Rachel

4th – Leo & Jamal


Brendon & Rachel neglected to read the clue correctly during their chosen detour, choosing size 10 boots rather than 9 or 11 as instructed. However, they still manage to arrive ahead than Leo & Jamal. Caroline is a good sharpshooter so their chosen detour didn’t take a lot of time.

3 thoughts on “Amazing Race May 11, 2014 Results 5/11/14

  1. BRENCHEL FOR THE WIN!!! Dave and Connor are waaaaay to sensitive. They were U-Turned, just like dozens and dozens of teams have been before. GUESS WHAT? IT’S APART OF THE GAME!!!! Why else would it be there? Brenden and Rachel were smart to use it on their biggest threat! Dave and Connor then went on to completely attack Brenden and Rachel personally! ]


  2. Ugh…Brenchel are the worst. He’s fine but she’s beyond irritating. Leo and Jamal were much more tolerable this season ( as was John from Team John and Jessica) so I’m kind of bummed they were eliminated ahead of Brenchel. Still rooting for Dave and Connor FTW!

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