Amazing Race May 18, 2014 Finale Winner, Who won 5/18/14 Results?

The Amazing Race 24 finale airs tonight! Airing from 8pm to 9pm ET, the three remaining teams will battle it out to be this season’s winner. Who among Brendon & Rachel, Dave & Connor and Caroline & Jennifer will win?

From United Kingdom, these teams will be traveling back to the U.S., with Las Vegas as their final pit stop. In this race, David Copperfield have designed a final challenge that requires the teams to master the art of magic.

One of their tasks will be to dig up a box and deliver it to the great illusionist. Another task is to light up a mirage sign. Meanwhile, there are two road blocks. the first one is to perform a David Copperfield escape act while the second road block is to do a skydive.

Who among these teams will be the first to do it all and arrive first at the pit stop?

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Update: Dave & Connor wins Amazing Race 24!


1st – Dave & Connor – 4:31AM
2nd – Caroline & Jennifer – 4:38AM
3rd – Brendon & Rachel – 4:52AM



TASK – teams must dig up a box that says property of David Copperfield.

ROAD BLOCK – escape act – those who will do it will be locked inside a wooden crate. They then must free themselves using the keys they dug up. Those who did it were Connor, Jennifer and Rachel.


TASK – teams must replace all of the lights at the top of The Mirage and count the number of bulbs used.


FINAL ROAD BLOCK – players must skydive from a helicopter at 10,000 feet after spotting the sign with their landing zone. Those who did it were Dave, Caroline and Brendon,


PIT STOP – the landing zone.

1st – Dave & Connor!

2nd – Caroline & Jennifer

3rd – Brendon & Rachel 


** Amazing Race has been renewed for another season, though the new schedule will be on Friday nights…



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  1. Amazing Race is so cool to watch, I wish I could be on it! I agree with #6: so many lessons can be learned from watching amazing race. What a great way to finish of the season and get to the final pitstop – skydiving!!!

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