Amazing Race May 4, 2014 Results 5/4/14

It’s the third to the last episode of the Amazing Race 24 tonight! There are 5 remaining teams left but only will make it to the next leg. Will the team to be eliminated tonight be Caroline & Jennifer or Brendon & Rachel?

Last week was a non-elimination leg. Thus, even if the country singers arrived last at the pit stop last week, they were safe. However, they must perform a Speed Bump tonight. Let’s find out what it is.

From Switzerland, teams will travel to Seville, Spain. While there, the tasks includes Casa de Contratacion while the detour is either Spanish Steps in which they must perform a Flamenco dance routine, or running in the Ballz in which teams are dressed in bull balls to find a bullfighter and get their next clue.

Meanwhile, for the road block, players must use a straight razor and must carefully shave a balloon.

The pit stop is at Plaza de Espana.

Will the country singers get some help from the other teams again?

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Update: Jet & Cord got eliminated!

Teams must travel to Seville, Span

FIRST FLIGHT – Leo & Jamal, Dave & Connor

SECOND FLIGHT – Brendon & Rachel, Caroline & Jennifer, Jet & Cord


ROAD BLOCK – those who will do it must shave a balloon for 60 mins without popping it

– Connor, Jamal, Jennifer, Jet, Rachel


SPEED BUMP – Caroline & Jennifer must deliver ham to a cafe


DETOUR – Spanish steps or run with the ballz. In Spanish steps, teams must learn a flamenco dance routine. In run with the ballz, teams must wear ball suits while avoiding the other bulls.


Run with the ballz – Dave & Connor, Leo & Jamal, Brendon & Rachel, Jet & Cord
Spanish steps – Caroline & Jennifer


DOUBLE U-TURN – Dave & Connor didn’t use because they already did it.

– Leo & Jamal U-turned Jet & Cord – even if they promised they won’t do it because they are allies.

– Leo & Jamal hoped that the cowboys will do the dirty work for them. However, they didn’t know that Brendon & Rachel finished the detour faster.

– Caroline & Jennifer U-turned Brendon & Rachel but they are too late.


PIT STOP – Plaza de Espana

1st – Dave & Connor – they win a trip to St. Croix
2nd – Brendon & Rachel
3rd – Leo & Jamal
4th – Caroline & Jennifer
5th – Jet & Cord

Their alliance probably won’t like it, but Leo & Jamal did take out the strongest team.



6 thoughts on “Amazing Race May 4, 2014 Results 5/4/14

  1. I am finished watching amazing race. The animals cannot be trusted.the cowboys were the best and nicest team in the race. I dont give a rats butt who wins now, therefore I dont want to waste my time from now on.

  2. Very disappointed to see the animals and Rachel and Brendan are still their. Also the girls should have been eliminated weeks ago. Dave and Conor are now my favorite.

  3. Thunder up! Jet & Cord, Okies great competitors with style & true grit! Here’s cheering for green sparkle pants (at least we know who real girls are)!

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