Amazing Race May 5, 2013 Finale Winner, Who won 5/5/13 Results?

It’s the Amazing Race 22 finale tonight! After more than 30 thousand miles, five continents and nine countries, the four remaining teams will embark on the final two legs of the race o tonight’s two-hour season finale. Who will make it to the last leg and who wins this season?

The final four teams remaining for tonight’s finale are Max & Katie, Bates & Anthony, Caroline & Jennifer and Mona & Beth. From Scotland, these teams will be traveling to Northern Ireland for the 11th leg to perform the next set of tasks. From there only three will remain with the final pit stop being in Washington D.C.

The final leg’s roadblock will involve finding a particular spy out of many and obtain a briefcase while one of the tasks will involve ascending the stadium and zip-lining. The final pit stop is at the Mount Vernon Estate, which is considered as the most most iconic presidential “house” in the DC area besides the White House.

Who will be the final three teams after the 11th leg? Max & Katie for sure might be in the last leg. Will they be this season’s winner? The last two legs might be unpredictable and the one who many aren’t expect to win might win. Will Mona & Beth make it to the final three?

Anyway, follow us on Twitter, share this on Google Plus or like us on Facebook as updates on tonight’s season finale will be here. Find out who the last three teams are and of course, find out who won Amazing Race 22 tonight, May 5, 2013.

Update: Caroline & Jennifer got eliminated in the first part. BATES & ANTHONY WINS THE AMAZING RACE 22!


– Teams will travel by train and ferry going to Belfast, Northern Ireland


ROAD BLOCK – bog snorkeling (in a pit of muddy water). Those who will do it must make it through the course in under 4 minutes.

– Those who did it are Anthony, Katie, Mona and Jennifer


DETOUR – tray it or spray it. In tray it, teams must prepare and serve 5 courses of actual dishes served on the Titanic. In spray it, teams must finish a graffiti art.

Tray it –  Max & Katie, Mona & Beth, Bates & Anthony

Spray it – Caroline & Jennifer


PIT STOP – Ulster Hall

1st – Max & Katie – they win a trip to Dominican Republic

2nd – Anthony & Bates

3rd – Mona & Beth

4th – Caroline & Jennifer



– Teams will travel by ferry to Liverpool and London, England, then Washington D.C.

– All teams are on the same flight.


ROAD BLOCK – switchback. Teams must play the role of a spy and figure out which of the 50 agents have their next clue.

Those who did it are Max, Bates and Beth

Once they have the case, teams must enter the code based on the order they finished in New Zealand, Indonesia and Vietnam to be able to open it.


FINAL TASK – a team member must search through a ball pit of globes and find highlighted countries they have visited. They must then put it in the correct oder.


FINISH LINE – George Washington’s Mount Vernon.

1st – Bates & Anthony

2nd – Max & Katie

3rd – Mona & Beth


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