Amazing Race May 6, 2012 Finale Winner, Who won 5/6/12 Results?

It’s the Amazing Race 20 finale tonight, May 6, 2012. Find out which team is going to win this season. It’s going to be a two-hour episode, airing from 8pm to 10pm ET. From India, the final four teams will travel to Japan for the first part of the finale while they head on to Hawaii for the last leg of the race going to the final pit stop. Who do you think will be the winner?

Titled “It’s a Great Place to Become Millionaires”, the remaining teams will perform the challenges as they battle it out to be the $1 million grand prize winner. One of the highlights of the 11th leg is the Japanese game show, which if you will notice, have the same game show host from The Amazing Race 15’s first leg roadblock. The game show is also the roadblock for this leg and based from the preview, those who performed it are Rachel B and Vanessa. I’m not sure if Brendon did it and Art though but most likely they did.

Anyway, the detour for the first part is either “sushi bingo” or “photographing locals”. Those who are doing the sushi bingo are Brendon & Rachel and Art & JJ. Rachel & Dave will choose photographing locals while I’m not sure what Vanessa & Ralph’s choice is.

Who among them won’t make it to the second part of the race? There are speculations that it’s Vanessa & Ralph who’ll be eliminated. We’ll find out tonight if they won’t make it to the top 3.

For the second part of the finale, the teams will head on to Hawaii for their final set of tasks, where one is to hit the waves to put their rescue mission skills to test. Not sure if there’s going to be a detour of there will be double roadblock, but one of the task will involve Papa Holua, Hawaii’s insane and ancient downhill sport.

The finale is surely going to be an exciting episode as for the first time ever, the finish line is not the end of the race. One of the teams will think they have done all the tasks but once at the pit stop, Phil will inform them that they have missed one task. Which team could it be?

Who do you think will win this season? Will it be Rachel & Dave, who have been the first to arrive at the pit stops for 6 legs? Will it be Brendon & Rachel? Art & JJ? Vanessa & Ralph? Follow us on Twitter, share this on Google Plus or like us on Facebook for updates on the Amazing Race finale and other reality shows. The team who won Amazing Race 20 will be posted here of course, and the results will be provided.

Update: Vanessa & Ralph have been eliminated; Final three are Dave & Rachel, Art & JJ and Brendon & Rachel. RACHEL & DAVE WINS THE AMAZING RACE 20! They are also the official record holder for winning 8 legs.

Finale begins… all teams are on the same flight…

Brendon & Rachel missed the bus…so in the first bus are Vanessa & Ralph, Dave & Rachel and Art & JJ.

In the train, Brendon & Rachel, Vanessa & Ralph and Art & JJ in the same train. Dave & Rachel were left.

Ferry ride – Art & JJ, Vanessa & Ralph and Brendon & Ralph in the last ferry of the night. Dave & Rachel were left behind again…

After the ferry ride – teams must make their way to Hiroshima park and Dave & Rachel were able to catch up with the other teams. From there, all teams must travel to Osaka…

Roadblock – Japanese game show – “Bring That Chicken Home” game. They must have grab three chickens hanging from the ceiling so that the next clue will be handed. Art was the first to finish. Brendon was second, Rachel third. Vanessa can’t do it, Ralph is willing to take the penalty but asks her to try again if she wants. Ralph is concerned of Vanessa’s sprain so taking the penalty is okay with him. Vanessa tried again and after a few minutes, she did it.

Detour – Bingo Shout Out or Photo Cut-Out. In Bingo sushi, teams must pick up sushis on a conveyor belt and place it on a sushi bingo card. They must identify the sushis and place it in a straight line or diagonal. Once correct they must shout and eat those sushis. In Photo Cut-Out, they must get 10 people in groups of 3 to pose in a sumo cut-outs and take pictures of them.

Bingo Shout Out – Brendon & Rachel, Vanessa & Ralph, Art & JJ

Photo Cut-Out – Dave & Rachel



1st – Dave & Rachel – they won trip for 2 to New Zealand

2nd – Art & JJ

3rd – Brendon & Rachel


Vanessa & Ralph were eliminated!



1st to depart at 4:15pm – Rachel & Dave.

2nd to depart at 4:47pm – Art & JJ

Last to depart at 5:05pm – Brendon & Rachel

They must travel to Honolulu and all teams are on the same flight.


Their next task is to find the Twin Towers and Art & JJ got lost finding their next destination…

Teams must rapel their way up one of the towers and rapel their way down the other tower. Rachel & Dave were the first to finish, Brendon & Rachel were second.

Roadblock – teams must shave ice and fill a bucket – Brendon, JJ and Dave did it.

Art & JJ were able to catch up while Brendon & Dave become the last team.

Next task – rescue a swimmer. Rachel & Dave were the first to finish with Art & JJ following. However, the Art & JJ were the first team to arrive at the roadblock site since Rachel & Dave got lost this time.

Brendon & Rachel have another fight at this last leg of the race…

Roadblock – requires teams to be ancient warriors. This must be done by the person who didn’t do the first one. It’s hill surfing on an oiled up sled – Art, Rachel and Rachel. Rachel B did it first than Art. After that, they have to roll a lava rock into a target.

Rachel R did it than Art! She did it the second try. However, Art finished the second task than Rachel R.

** Rachel & Dave arrived at the pitstop but they haven’t performed the roadblock. They have to complete the roadblock before they can check-in…



1st – Rachel & Dave

2nd – Art & JJ

3rd – Brendon & Rachel

15 thoughts on “Amazing Race May 6, 2012 Finale Winner, Who won 5/6/12 Results?

  1. I think art & jj or vanessa & ralph must going home tonight. I dont like them. They dont deserved to win TAR

  2. I think art & jj or vanessa & ralph will going home tonight. I dont like them. They dont deserved to win TAR

  3. I am really praying Rachel and Dave come in first and they are the ones who forgot to do one of the roadblocks!!!And Brenden and Rachel make it second and WIN~~~ I sure hope Art and JJ don’t win…they are bullies~~~

  4. Getting tired of Brendan and Rachael, their 15 minutes should be over by now, sure hope they don’t win…

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