Amazing Race May 8, 2011 Finale Winner, Who won 5/8/11 Results?

It’s Amazing Race May 8, 2011 finale tonight. The winner among the final four teams will be determined as they travel from Brazil going back to the US, specifically in Florida. Who do you think will be the season finale of TAR 18 5/8/11 winner? Results will be posted here.

It’s a two hour season finale tonight in the episode titled “This Is Where It Ends”. The racers will cry out in pain during a hairy situation. It gets more tense as the contestants get near the finish line.

Who among Gary & Mallory, Flight Time & Big Easy, Kisha & Jen and Zev & Justin will be getting the 1 million dollar prize? Whoever it is, do they deserve it?

It’s just a guess but we think it’s Flight Time & Big Easy as the winner. How about you? Any guesses?

Updates of the one who won Amazing Race 5/8/11 winner and results will be provided.

Update: Kisha & Jen wins! Flight Time & Big Easy in second place and Gary & Mallory in third place.

Zev and Justin gets eliminated on leg 11

14 thoughts on “Amazing Race May 8, 2011 Finale Winner, Who won 5/8/11 Results?

  1. Yeah, kisha and jen wins. They made up of their mistake last time when jen had to go to bathroom when final 3 place is on the line. Happy for them.

    Globetrotters, you suck! Hahaha. Good for you. Hopefully, this is the last time we see you here at amazing race.

    To gary and mallory, congrats as well.

  2. Throughout the season it became clear that winning each week usually involved getting a good taxi driver!

  3. I want to know if pushing the bicycles on the wharf was allowed. I was expecting the sisters to get disqualified. If it were allow – why didnt the Globetrotters push theirs – they would have won a foot race.

  4. Yeah…..finally, kisha and jen wins…. Im so happy!!! To gary,mallory and the globetrotters, congrats as well…..

  5. I really wanted Zev and Justin to win or Gary and Mallory, but we can’t have it all I guess. I definitely think these two teams ran the race the best but in the end it all comes down to crossing that finish line. Anyway, CONGRATS to Kisha and Jen!!!

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