Amazing Race November 10, 2013 Results 11/10/13

The Amazing Race 23 is now on its seventh leg and for tonight, teams will be leaving Austria for their next destination. Who among the teams will be the last to arrive at the pit stop tonight?

The Amazing Race team meets the halfway point as they travel to Abu Dhabi. Excitement, panic, pleasure and a little pain is what the teams will experience tonight.

Titled “Speed Dating Is the Worst”, teams will take a joy ride in Abu Dhabi as they rappel almost 200 feet off the 9th floor for the roadblock. Teams will also race cars at a gut-wrenching speeds in one of their tasks.

Meanwhile, the detour will have them replicate date platter or create traditional fishing traps.

Those who will do the dates task include Tim & Marie and Kim & Nicole while the traps task include Travis & Nicole.

Will tonight be the first non-elimination leg?

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Update: Nicky & Kim was the last, but it’s a non-elimination leg. No one was eliminated.

ROUTE – Teams will travel to Abu Dhabi.

1st flight – arrival is 5:50AM – Leo & Jamal

2nd flight – arrival is 6AM – Nicole & Travis, Nicky & Kim, Tim & Marie, Jason & Amy, Ally & Ashley


DETOUR – sort it out or sew it up. In sort it out, teams must search through a variety of dates and create an elaborate display. In sew it up, teams must assemble a traditional fishing net.

Sew it up – Nicole & Travis, Jason & Amy

Sort it out – Leo & Jamal, Tim & Marie, Ally & Ashley, Nicky & Kim



ROAD BLOCK teams must rappel 200 feet and get into a race car with a professional driver while keeping their eyes peeled for the name and time of the record holder. They have to take another lap if they are incorrect.

Those who did it are – Leo, Jason, Travis, Marie, Ally, Kim


PIT STOP – champions podium at the race track.

1st – Leo & Jamal – they win a trip to Paris

2nd – Jason & Amy

3rd – Nicole & Travis

4th – Tim & Marie

5th – Ally & Ashley

6th – Nicky & Kim


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