Amazing Race November 11, 2012 Results 11/11/12

The race continues tonight in the Amazing Race 21. It’s the seventh leg of the race and from Turkey, remaining teams will travel to Moscow, Russia in the episode which is titled “Off to see the Wizard”. Who will be the last team to arrive at the pit stop tonight?

There are six teams remaining and among them,the first to leave Savarona is Trey & Lexi. They are followed by Abbie & Ryan, James & Abba, Natalie & Nadiya, Jamyes & James and Josh & Brent. Josh & Brent performed a speed bump last week due to arriving last at a non-elimination leg. They were able to remain in the competition after doing so though they were the last team to arrive.

For tonight, teams will leave Turkey going to Russia. One of the challenges will be deep water struggling in which they must stay in sync. It seems to be most likely a synchronized swimming task. Which team will have a hard time doing this challenge? Meanwhile, one of the teams will commit a mistake that might threaten their spot in the race. Which team could it be?

There are speculations that the Rockers might have lost their passports and bags while Abbie & Ryan and Josh & Brent are way behind the race. Some think the Rockers finished first that these two teams but since they have no passport, they won’t be able to continue. What do you think? Let’s find out if this is the mistake that is going to happen tonight.

As always, updates on the leg tonight will be here. Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook for the results after the show. The tasks – road block, detour and other important highlights will be here. Who got kicked off, eliminated on Amazing Race 11/11/12? Results to be posted.

Update: To be continued next week… no one is eliminated tonight.

Detour – synchronize or alphabetized. In synchronized, teams must go synchronized swimming with a future Olympic Team. In alphabetized, teams must find books in a library based on a Russian list.

Synchronized – Natalie & Nadiya, Jaymes & James, James & Abba, Abbie & Ryan, Josh & Brent

Alphabetized – Trey & Lexi


Road block – unlock all ten locks to secure a ribbon to the Trees of Love

Those who did it are Trey, James, Natalie, Abba


James & Abba left their stuff in the cab which have their passports! Could they locate it?


PIT STOP – Bolshoi Theater

1st – Trey & Lexi

2nd – Jamyes & James

3rd – Natalie & Nadiya


To be continued…




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