Amazing Race November 13, 2011 Results 11/13/11

The teams travel from Malawi to Denmark in the eighth leg of the Amazing Race, which is the November 13, 2011 episode. It’s the first time the race travels to Copenhagen for the racers’ next set of tasks, from Detours to Roadblocks and even double U-turn. Who will be the next racers to get eliminated on the race?

The episode title for tonight is “Super Shady”. There’s another double U-turn that can be used in this leg, where one team’s position gets jeopardized by another team. Meanwhile, one racer will learn the meaning of two left feet. Which player is it?

The teams are to depart in the following order – Andy & Tommy, Ernie & Cindy, Bill & Cathi, Amani & Marcus, Laurence & Zac and Jeremy & Sandy. Upon arriving in Copenhagen, the teams must drive themselves to Vor Frelsers Kirke. While in there, they must climb to the top to receive their clue, where they must drive to Hillerod Castle and enter the Great Hall.

The road block will require one from each team who will do the task to dress in Medieval clothing and perform a dance while the detour is either bunny racing or butter churning. Also, there’s another double U-turn located after the detour near a windmill.

Who will use the road block and which team will it be used on?

The final pit stop of the leg is in Copenhagen’s Larsen’s Plad on the ship Havet. Which team will arrive first? Will it be Andy & Tommy again? If it’s them, it will be their 6th time to be in first place this season. Which team will be last?

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Update: Laurence & Zac was eliminated;

Ernie & Cindy used the u-turn on Bill & Cathi

Bill & Cathi used the u-turn on Laurence & Zac

1st – Ernie & Cindy – this is their second time to arrive first.

2nd – Bill & Cathi

3rd – Andy & Tommy

4th – Amani & Marcus

5th – Jeremy & Sandy

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