Amazing Race November 13, 2015 Results 11/13/15 Results

I haven’t posted about Amazing Race for the past weeks. I just wish it will be moved back again on Sunday nights since Friday nights are usually for going out. But anyway, I was able to see it and here’s some recaps:

It’s now the 8th week on The Amazing Race 27 and only 6 teams remaining. In this leg, teams must fly to Poland. I won’t post the order of departures since all of the teams are on the same flight, except for Justin & Diana since they had a 13 minute head start and that gave them a flight advantage.

DETOUR – mine and music.

In mine, teams must travel underground and dliver timer to a mining area. They then must mine and deliver salt.

In music, teams must learn a song and move a piano to the square and earn money playing.

Those who chose mine – Justin & Diana, Logan & Chris, Tanner & Josh

Those who chose usic – Denise & James Earl, Tiffany & Krista, Kelsey & Joey


ROAD BLOCK – players must deliver food to a restaurant

Those who did it are – Justin, Kelsey, James, Earl, Chris, Tiffany and Josh


PIT STOP – Klezmer Hois

1st – Justin & Diana – they win a trip to China

2nd – Kelsey & Joey

3rd – Denise & James Earl

4th – Logan & Chris

5th – Tiffany & Krista

6th – Tanner & Josh


It was a non-elimination leg so Tanner & Josh are safe.

Being so nice will cost them their game. Is it worth it?


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