Amazing Race November 14, 2010 Results 11/14/10

The Amazing Race November 14, 2010 will have the teams travel from Europe to Middle East. They will depart Pulkovo Airport and will arrive at Muscat International Airport. Who among the six teams get eliminated on TAR Amazing Race 11/14/10? Results to be posted here.

Ali Baba in a Suit is this week’s episode 8 of TAR 17. Nat & Kat will be the first team to leave the pit stop while Chad & Stephanie are the last. The dating couple will have a penalty of 30 minutes which will be applied to their starting time on this leg. The penalty is given due to them not paying their taxi fare and leaving their bags in the taxi.

Meanwhile, the other teams thought that the dating couple are missing in action thinking they might have slept-in. Did they really?

Who will be the next team to get eliminated tonight? Any thoughts?

Result updates will be posted here again. The team who was kicked off, eliminated on Amazing Race 11/14/10 results will be here soon.

Updates: Gary & Mallory were eliminated!

1 – Chad & Stephanie

2 – Jill & Thomas

3 – Nick & Vicki

4 – Brook & Claire

5 – Nat & Kat

6 – Gary & Mallory

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