Amazing Race November 17, 2013 Results 11/17/13

Teams will still be in the United Arab Emirates for tonight’s The Amazing Race season 23. It sure is going to be another exciting leg for the teams as they take on the challenges in the UAE. Who’s going to be eliminated tonight?

Last week was a non-elimination leg, so even if Nicky & Kim arrived at the pit stop last, they were not eliminated. However, they must perform a speed bump.

That’s not only what’s in store for us viewers tonight. Expect more drama as there’s another Double U-turn! Yes, it’s the second Double U-Turn this season already and two teams will come face-to-face tonight because of this.

The tasks for tonight will include unlocking a Ford Explorer, using Viking coins from Norway and drive dune a buggy through the desert.

Tonight’s detour is judging camel beauty contest or preparing food for Emirati wedding.

For the road block, teams must collect three flags while white water rafting.

Meanwhile, the speed bump for Nicky & Kim will be to move across a wave pool without being swept away.

Which detour will which team take? Who will do the road block?

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Update: Nicky & Kim got eliminated


1st – Leo & Jamal – 7:10AM

2nd – Jason & Amy – 7:15AM

3rd – Nicole & Travis – 7:23AM

4th – Tim & Marie – 7:44AM

5th – Ally & Ashley – 7:53AM

6th – Nicky & Kim- 8:02AM


DETOUR – wedding guests or beauty contest. In wedding guests, teams must prepare a traditional ceremonial meal. In beauty contest, teams must pick a champion among the camels.

Wedding guests – Nicky & Kim

Beauty contest – Tim & Marie, Jason & Amy, Ally & Ashley, Leo & Jamal (they did wedding guests first)


EXPRESS PASS – Nicole & Travis use the express pass.


– Nicole & Travis U-turn Leo & Jamal since they lied about using the U-turn before.

– Jason & Amy – the declined to U-turn any team.

– Leo & Jamal can’t use it now since they’ve used it before

– Tim & Marie U-turn Nicky & Kim


SPEED BUMP – Nicky & Kim must make their way across a wave generating pool that creates a 6-ft wave every 90 seconcs.


ROAD BLOCK – teams must navigate the world’s largest man made rapids and collect flags as they go

Those who did it are – Jason, Nicole, Tim, Jamal, Ashley, Nicky


PIT STOP – Jebel Hafeet

1st – Nicole & Travis (they win a Ford each)

2nd – Jason & Amy

3rd – Tim & Marie

4th – Leo & Jamal

5th – Ally & Ashley

6th – Nicky & Kim


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