Amazing Race November 18, 2012 Results 11/18/12

The continuation of last week’s episode airs tonight on CBS. James & Abba continue their quest to get back their passports. They have to get it or else, they will be eliminated from the race. Will they be able to locate it?

Last week, we were left with a cliffhanger about James & Abba leaving their stuff in a cab, which includes a passport. They have several hours to find the cab which got their passport and there are speculations that they did. Meanwhile, Abbie & Ryan continue to have trouble in Russia. From being the first team to arrive in two of the previous pit stops, the team are now in danger of being eliminated from the race as they struggle with the challenges. Will they be able to catch up and continue to the next leg?

We already know that Trey & Lexi, Jaymes & James and Natalie & Nadiya are safe from being eliminated. Who are the next teams to arrive in Bolshoi Theater?

Titled “We Was Robbed”, an ankle injury will take its toll on one racer and threaten the team’s ability to finish a challenge. Will this team be able to make it to the pit stop?

One of the detours tonight will be a Russian soldier dance and some of the teams who chose it are Natalie & Nadiya, Lexi & Trey, Abbie & Ryan and Jaymes & James while the roadblock will be about Russian geography test.

They say since it’s two legs in Russia, the first leg could be a non-elimination leg. If the rockers find their passport, they are safe. Also, even if Abbie & Ryan arrive last at the pit stop, they are safe either.

Who’s going to perform a speed bump? Who’s the next team to be eliminated from the race?

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Update: James & Abba have been eliminated. I have expected it actually since they lost the passport.

Continuation from last week…

1st – Trey & Lexi

2nd – Jaymes & James

3rd – Natalie & Nadiya

4th – Abbie & Ryan

5th – Josh & Brent

6th – James & Abba (non-eliminated but they still have to find the passport)


Josh & Brent have 4 hour penalty at the start of the leg.


This week’s roadblock have the teams calculating the time of day in 5 different Russian cities. The teams must get the answers based on a series of slides – note that the country has 9 time zones.

Those who did it are Jaymes, Lexi, Ryan, Brent



Movers or shakers – In movers, teams must learn and perform a Russian soldier dance. In shakers, teams must identify 7 historic Russian leaders.

Movers – Trey & Lexi, Jaymes & James, Natalie & Nadiya, Abbie & Ryan

Shakers – Josh & Brent


PIT STOP – Sokolniki Park

1st – Jaymes & James (they win a trip to Costa Rica)
2nd – Trey & Lexi
3rd – Natalie & Nadiya
4th – Abbie & Ryan
5th – Josh & Brent
6th – James & Abba


2 thoughts on “Amazing Race November 18, 2012 Results 11/18/12

  1. I was amazed at how much trouble all of the teams, besides the Goat Farmers, had with the time zone challenge. I seem to remember reading time zones off of a map as part of my elementary school geography class, so you think that it would have been easy. I was talking to a coworker at DISH who was excited to see the Chipps win, but I think that only happened because three teams started hours behind them. I nearly missed the show last night, but thankfully my DISH Hopper recorded it with Primetime Anytime. I love how it records everything on during primetime on the four major networks and saves it for a week, so I never miss anything. I am sad to see my Rockers go because they were the only team that I really liked.

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