Amazing Race November 20, 2015 Results 11/20/15 Results

Another team got eliminated on the Amazing Race 27 episode 9 which aired on November 20th. Who are they? Here’s the recap.

Last week was a non-elimination leg, so Tanner & Josh, even if they were the last team to arrive at the pit stop, were safe.

For this leg, teams must travel to New Delhi, India, the time of departure wasn’t an advantage though.

ROAD BLOCK – those who did it are Krista, Chris, Denies, Tanner & Josh, Joey and Diana

For Tanner & Josh, they must both do the road block as their speed bump.


DETOUR – cans or candy.

In cans, teams must load gas cans on a cargo bike and deliver those.

– Kelsey & Joey, Justin & Diana

In candy, teams must make candy out of pumpkins.

– Logan & Chris, Tiffany & Krista, Denise & James Earl, Tanner & Josh


** Joey & Kelsey u-turn Tanner & Josh


PIT STOP – Moonlight Garden

1st – Justin & Diana – they win a trip to Hawaii

2nd – Kelsey & Joey

3rd – Logan & Chris

4th – Tiffany & Krista

5th – Denise & James Earl

ELIMINATED – Tanner & Josh

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