Amazing Race November 21, 2014 Results 11/21/14

The Amazing Race 25 is back with an all new episode tonight! Now on its 8th leg, the six remaining teams will be traveling from Italy to Malta for their next set of tasks. This is the first time the show travels to Malta. Who will be the one to arrive last at the pit stop tonight?

The 7th leg was a non-elimination one and with Tim & Te Jay arriving last, they must perform as speed bump tonight. For this task, they must paint Maltese crosses on two shields.

One of the tasks the teams must perform is to serve drinks to the knights of Malta without spilling them. Who will do it the first try?

Meanwhile, the road block is to rappel 200 feet into cave and the pit stop is at Fort Manoel.

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UpdateTim & Te Jay got eliminated!

TASK – Climb some steps carrying a pair of glasses and a bottle of alcohol. They must serve it to the Knights without breaking it.



Kym & Alli, Misti & Jim, Tim & Te Jay depart at 7:30 AM

Brooke & Robbie, Adam & Bethany, Amy & Maya depart at 7:45 AM


ROAD BLOCK – Those who will do it must rappel 20 stories off a cliff and search the water for the next clue.

Those who did it are – Tim, Misti, Alli, Robbie, Amy, Bethany



BLIND DETOUR – flag or shine.  Teams must choose one without prior explanation.

Flag – teams will have to grab a flag at the end of a greasy pole

– Adam & Bethany

Shine – teams must polish each other’s armor

– Kym & Alli, Misti & Jim, Amy & Maya, Misti & Jim, Amy & Maya – All of them tried the flag first. Brooke & Robbie switch from shine to flag back to shine.



Adam & Bethany used their express pass


PIT STOP – Fort Manoel

1st – Adam & Bethany (win $10,000 each)

2nd –  Misti & Jim

3rd – Kym & Alli

4th – Amy & Maya

5th – Brooke & Robbie

6th – Tim & Te Jay


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