Amazing Race November 24, 2013 Results 11/24/13

The five remaining teams will travel from UAE to Indonesia on tonight’s The Amazing Race season 23. What challenges await the teams tonight? Who will be eliminated as they arrive at the pit stop last? Will tonight be a non-elimination leg?

Leaving UAE, tonight’s episode title is “Part Like the Red Sea”. Tension arises and pressure is intense as the final five teams will travel to Indonesia. With this, mistakes are abound as the teams are pressured. One team’s relationship will turn icy as they struggle at the Detour. Also, two strongest teams will go head-to-head tonight. Who will you pull for?

Anyway, one of the tasks tonight is to deliver two rams and have them compete, Then for the detour, it’s either for the birds or for the elephants. In for the birds, they must transport two birds to Sumber Sari Bird Arena and make them sing. In for the elephants, they must bring fruits from Dagu Market to Bandung zoo to give to the elephants.

Meanwhile, the roadblock is to assemble an Angklung and correctly play an octave.

Who’s doing the roadblock and which teams will do which detour?

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Update: Ally & Ashley have been eliminated! They have fallen behind on the detour. They showed up at their final destination rather than the place they were supposed to start. 


1st – Nicole & Travis – 12:38AM
2nd – Jason & Amy – 12:52AM
3rd – Tim & Marie – 1:15AM
4th – Leo & Jamal – 2:06AM
5th – Ally & Ashley – 2:06AM

– Everybody is on the same flight


DETOUR – for the elephants or for the birds. In for the elephants, teams must pick up food from the market, transport it on hand trolleys and feed the elephants. In for the birds, teams must pick up birds, bring them to a competition area and get them to sing.

For the elephants – Leo & Jamal, Ally & Ashley, Tim & Marie, Jason & Amy

For the birds – Travis & Nicole


ROAD BLOCK – they must assemble an angklung – traditional Indonesian instrument

Those who did it are – Nicole, Leo, Amy, Ally and Tim


PIT STOP – Bosscha Observatory

1st – Leo & Jamal – they win $7500 each

2nd – Tim & Marie

3rd – Jason & Amy

4th – Nicole & Travis

5th – Ally & Ashley


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