Amazing Race November 27, 2015 Results 11/27/15 Results

The five remaining teams are still in India on this Friday’s episode of the Amazing Race. Road blocks, detour and u-turn made tonight’s episode. Who went home?

Here’s the recap.

ROAD BLOCK – teams must blow up balloons and deliver them on a bike. Those who did it were Justin, Joey, Logan, Tiffany and James Earl.

Another U-turn! Justin & Diana u-turned Logan & Chris, but did Logan & Chris got eliminated? Find out below.


DETOUR – bring the groom or bring the fun. In bring the groom, teams must carry an electric candelabra and push a generator. Those who did it were Kelsey & Joey, Tiffany & Krista and Denise & James Earl.

In bring the fun, teams must deliver a carnival ride. Those who did it were Justin & Diana and Logan & Chris.



1st – Justin & Diana – they win $5000 each

2nd – Kelsey & Joey

3rd – Tiffany & Krista

4th –┬áLogan & Chris

ELIMINATED – Denise & James Earl

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