Amazing Race November 28 2010 Results 11/28/10

The Amazing Race November 28, 2010 is the tenth episode this season 17. The teams leaves Dhaka as they travel from Bangladesh to Hong Kong. Only four teams remain but this leg is most like a non-elimination one, but if ever, who gets eliminated on TAR Amazing Race 11/28/10? Find out the results soon.

Last week, Jill & Thomas and Nat & Kat used U-turns and the team who received it were Chad & Stephanie and Brook & Claire. It was unfortunate though that the newly engaged couple who were first to depart were the team to be eliminated.

Tonight, what tasks must the team accomplish in order not to arrive last at the pit stop? What would be the Detour and Roadblocks must they perform. By the way, the title of this episode is “I Hate Chinese Food”.

Results and updates on what happened at the show will be here, whether there’s a team who gets eliminated or not. Know the team who was kicked off, eliminated on Amazing Race 11/28/10 results.

Updates: It was a non-elimination leg, so no one was eliminated. Nick & Vicki arrived last;

1st – Nat & Kat

2nd – Jill & Thomas

3rd – Brook & Claire

4th – Nick & Vicki

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