Amazing Race November 28, 2014 Results 11/28/14

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! For sure some, if not most of you, are busy shopping and getting good deals this Black Friday. But me, I’ll be here to give updates as Amazing Race shows an all new episode tonight.

Tonight’s 9th leg of the race is titled “You’re Taking My Tan Off”. From Malta, five remaining teams will be traveling to Singapore.

Fast forward is available tonight and the task for this is to ride a wave machine.

Meanwhile, detour is either undergo Chinese cupping therapy or to crack and collect 2 pounds of crab. The roadblock is to walk between buildings on a high wire.

Also, double u-turn is available tonight. Who do you think will be u-turning who?

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Update: Kym & Alli got eliminated!

Detour – crab or massage. In crab, teams must crack and collect 2 pounds of crab. In massage, teams must undergo Chinese cupping therapy.

Fast forward – teams must do a surf simulator. Adam & Bethany wins the fast forward.

U-turn – Amy & Maya u-turns Adam & Bethany but Adam & Bethany never reached the u-turn board due to the fast forward.



1st – Adam & Bethany – they win a trip for two to Bali

2nd – Brooke & Robbie

3rd – Misti & Jim

4th – Amy & Maya

5th – Kym & Alli

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  1. I sure wish the amazing race still aired on Sunday. Somehow I seem to be busy on Fridays and forget to watch. That is very bad as it is my favorite show other than amazing race Canada. 🙁

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