Amazing Race November 3, 2013 Results 11/3/13

The challenges continue tonight on the Amazing Race 23. There are seven remaining teams left and the 6th leg of the race will have them travel from Poland to Austria. Which team will have a hard time doing the tasks for this leg?

“Choir Boy at Heart” is the title of tonight’s episode. One team will be tempted to use the Fast Forward, which is bungee jumping off a tower. Will they make the right decision? Who among the teams will use it?

Meanwhile, the roadblock for this leg is to sing “Die Forelle” with Vienna Boys Choir. Who will struggle to stay in tune? Some of those who might do it include Jamal, Nicole, Tim and Travis.

For the detour, one of the options is to match mask with Viennese dancing couple while another task involves searching through a maze.

Who among the teams will have a hard time doing the challenges? Who will arrive last at the pit stop?

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Update: Tim & Danny got eliminated!

DETOUR – light brigade or masquerade. In light brigade, teams must assemble a chandelier. In masquerade, teams must match the masks they are wearing with those of a dancing couple.

– All chose the masquerade


FAST FORWARD – Nicole & Travis and Jason & Amy opt for the fast forward, but Nicole & Travis realize that Jason & Amy are ahead of them so and change their minds.


ROAD BLOCK – learn how to sing a song in German and join the Vienna Boys Choir.

Those who did it are Leo, Ally, Nicky, Tim, Travis, Tim and Amy



PIT STOP – The Gloriette

1st – Nicole & Travis

2nd – Nicky & Kim

3rd – Leo & Jamal

4th – Tim & Marie

5th – Jason & Amy

6th – Ally & Ashley

7th – Tim & Danny

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