Amazing Race November 4, 2012 Results 11/4/12

It’s the sixth leg of the race tonight in the Amazing Race 21. There are seven teams remaining since last week was a non-elimination leg. From Bangladesh teams will travel to Turkey for their next challenges. Which team will be eliminated tonight?

James & Abba will be the first to leave the pit stop, followed by Abbie & Ryan, Natalie & Nadiya, Rob & Kelley, Trey & Lexi, Jaymes & James and Josh & Brent,

Josh & Brent will be facing a speed bump after arriving last at the pit stop from the last leg. Their possible speed bump is making a Turkish ice cream. Will they be able to catch up with the others, or performing a speed bump will increase their chance of being kicked off?

Anyway, teams will endure a steamy detour in Istanbul to keep their race from getting scrubbed. Relax with the amazing race teams in the exotic country. The drinks are flowing and for the first time ever, one team steals another team’s money. Which team do you think will do it?

The roadblock could be selling traditional tea to locals while the detour could be either doing the Turkish bath or something that involves a Turkish bagel. Looks like everyone chose the Turkish bath but we’ll find that out tonight. The pit stop is at Kuruçeşme Cemil Topuzlu Parkı, Istanbul.

The controversial part is the team stealing money from another team. Is it on purpose or a team left their money and another team saw it?

Again, updates on the tasks tonight will be posted. Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook for the results. Find out the road block, the detour and the team who got kicked off, eliminated on Amazing Race 11/4/12.

Update: Rob & Kelley have been eliminated! Details to follow…

Natalie & Nadiya found money which belongs to another team, which is James & Abba. When they found out it’s missing, it’s too late already. Lexi made a deal to split it.

James & Abba are lucky since the locals give them enough money to go around.

Detour – Simit or Scrub it. In simit, teams transport Turkish bagels on their heads to three different addresses. In scrub it, teams get scrubbed squeaky clean in a bath house.

Speed bump for Josh & Brent – they must eat an ice cream cone – it’s not a punishment, isn’t it?

Simit – Josh & Brent, Rob & Kelley

Scrub it – Trey & Lexi, James & Abba, Natalie & Nadiya, Abbie & Ryan, Jaymes & James

Road block – teams must serve Turkish sherbet and must sold 40 and earn about $20.

Those who did it for their teams are Lexi, Ryan, Abba, Natalie, James, Brent, Kelley


PIT STOP – Savarona

1st – Trey & Lexi – they win a trip to Australia

2nd – Abbie & Ryan

3rd – James & Abba

4th – Natalie & Nadiya

5th – Jaymes & James

6th – Josh & Brent

7th – Rob & Kelley


24 thoughts on “Amazing Race November 4, 2012 Results 11/4/12

  1. I may never watch this show again! The Sri Lanka girls knowingly steal the Rockers money and they are not disqualified or even penalized???? A RealityTV shiw that I thought was at least a little moral. Guess I am wrong! Gamemanship is one thing but making it okay to steal does not send a good message to the future generation . These girls and the other team that went along with it give a black eye to others who were raised properly and with a sense of right and wrong! Here’s looking at the next generation of Bernie Madoffs !

  2. How can you let the girls STEAL money and condone it with letting them stay on the show. They should be thrown off. It is not a good example for children and fans of the show. CBS and its sponsors must think that this is not the right way to teach our youth. STEALING is NEVER a good idea in life and getting ahead by STEALING is not the way to teach YOUR FANS.

    • I was very disappointed to see that the twins were not punished for keeping the rockers money when they knew who the money belonged to. I hope in furture shows there will be a penalty for such behavior. What will other countries think of a show that allows dishonesty to win over honest competition?

  3. How are you allowing the twin sisters to continue to be in the race?? They steal another contestants money and you condone it.Is this what good sportsmanship is all about? Is this what we teach the children that “it doesn’t matter how you win the race just as long as you steal you can win anything!!I realize these shows are already taped but for future reference I would inform your next contestants that stealing isn’t part of the game.So So disappointed in the lack of morals you have permitted on your show!! Love love loved your show but not anymore!!

  4. I have never been so mad. Do you people not read the BIBLE. But they will pay. And I hope I can see it soon. They must have not been taught right from wrong. What goes around comes around.

    • Hey I am an atheist and know stealing is wrong. If I had found the money I wouldn’t have done a pretend show of getting it back to the person (s) missing it…I wouldn’t have been able to rest until I had asked everyone there. And IF no one claimed it I would have given to the computer/travel whatever business it was because I would presume a poor person had left it there.

      Either way, one never takes money from another, regardless if it is a game or regular life. It is all about “character”. Amazing Race shouldn’t have let this go. The twins were playing up to the cameraman as though they weren’t worried about their actions. Maybe they know something I don’t. If this isn’t addressed, no more TAR for me as it was one of the few shows that seemed honest.

  5. Rule: “Teams are required to abide by all local laws of the country in which they are racing.”

    I doubt what the twins (and Trey & Lexi) did, is legal in bangladesh. Penal code of bandladesh: “Stolen property /Assisting in concealment of stolen property” = Guilty / Guilty.

    Unless those two teams are penalized (or kicked out of the game), I’m saying “goodbye !” to this show.

  6. Rule: “Teams are required to abide by all local laws of the country in which they are racing.”

    I doubt what the twins (and Trey & Lexi) did, is legal in bangladesh. At least here, if you find money and you know, who it belongs too: (A) You’ve to return it or (B) give it the police. If you (C) keep it, it’s a crime.

    Unless those two teams are penalized (or kicked out of the game), I’m saying “goodbye !” to this show.

  7. We couldn’t believe that the Twins and the so-called Christians (who came in first) were allowed to continue the race. Both teams should have been kicked out – no exceptions. Shame on Phil for allowing this to happen! I think they should have a race-off for the other teams to determine the winner. If either of the cheating team won they should forfeit their winnings – money and prizes.

  8. I have watch Amazing since the beginning and have not missed a show. I have seen arguements, pushing, falling down, sneaky things but never stealing. I think the twins should have been disqualified or a harsh penality for stealing. They knew whose money it was and so did the other team. Both should not be playing. I am so surprised that Phil of all people would have mentioned it but nothing was said, as if it was ok to do that. I am sure there are rules that are passed out before the race starts, stealing should be in there. I know the race is already over but I sure hope that neither of those teams win and I hope The amazing race addresses this issue to the public that support this show. It is a fun show that the entire family can watch but now I am not so sure it is a good example to set for our youth. That it is ok to steal and you can get ahead.

    • For your and who ever reads this information, The Amazing race is (hold onto your hats folks) a race/competition. One that forces a group to go back to a task and collect their bags if they forget them including their passports. this is a competition that forces contestants to collect money for a taxii or risk being eliminated from the show if they lose their money. The group that lost their money and didn’t take proper care of it could have easily have had it taken from them from someone outside of the show. The fact that a group found the money and it didn’t have a name on it and they just assumed without knowing for certain who it belonged to…. Doesn’t mean that the twins stole the other teams money nor did the other team that was all for spliting it knew for certain who the money belonged to. They are told at the begining of the race every season that they are responsible for their own belongings, money, passports and etc.

  9. ARE YOU LISTENING AMAZING RACE? There are people with morals and convictions. No doubt they will turn a deaf ear. I plan to write the advertisers of this show and see if they abide this behavior and if so I will boycott their products as well as the show. Isn’t it time that we stop drinking the Kool Aide that television moguls wants us to believe that this is the new norm and acceptable behavior for the purpose of entertainment. It is all about the $$$$.

  10. Those ugly twins give a bad name to brown people. Trey & his trick Lexi are no better. Rather than being penalized, they win a trip to Australia and are on target to win two million. I think Amazing Race producers have underestimated their viewers once again.

  11. So much for “it’s not whether you win or lose but how you play the game”. Now that I know how CBS plays the game I may NEVER watch “The Amazing Race” again or any CBS programing for that matter. What the Twins did was nothing short of theft, with Trey & Lexi as co-conspiritors (Really? Dividing up the money only consumates the crime). They KNEW who’s money that was and “Willfully” & “Knowingly” kept it – they stole it! CBS recorded it, broadcast it and let it go “unaddressed”. Even rewarding the theft with a 1st place finish and trip to Australia! The message – crime does pay! Well done CBS! At least Phil should have addressed it at the
    Pit Stop! I agree with others comments here, a flat out disqualification was in order. CBS you blew it! I hope the FCC fines you for misconduct or something.

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