Amazing Race November 6, 2011 Results 11/6/11

The players are still in Malawi in The Amazing Race November 6, 2011 episode. The third non-elimination leg took place last week, so expect a speed bump to be performed tonight, by Amani & Marcus this time, since they were in last place in the previous leg. Will they be able to catch up, or will they be the next team who gets eliminated on TAR Amazing Race 11/6/11?

The competition gets more intense every week. Tonight, we might be able to see teams sabotaging other teams by using a U-turn. Which team will use a U-turn and who will receive it?

Meanwhile, the Roadblock which is taxing fishermen, will cause one team to fall behind while the challenges for this leg includes paddling a dugout canoe through a race course in Senga Bay or ferrying items from a boat to shore for the detour,

The title of this episode is “Move Goat”. Which team will go home next?

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UpdateJustin & Jennifer were eliminated

1st – Andy & Tommy (this is their 5th time to arrive first)

2nd – Ernie & Cindy (they used express pass to bypass detour)

3rd – Bill & Cathi

4th – Amani & Marcus

5th – Laurence & Zac

6th – Jeremy & Sandy

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