Amazing Race November 7, 2010 Results 11/7/10

The Amazing Race November 7, 2010 airing tonight still have the seven remaining teams intact. The teams will be in Russia, at St. Petersburg to finish the tasks and avoid arriving last. At the end though, one will be sent home. Who gets eliminated on TAR Amazing Race 11/7/10? Results here soon!

The title of this episode 7 of TAR 17 is “I Want to Be in the Circus, That’s Where I Belong”. One of the teams’ task is to learn a traditional Russian circus act. Who will be able to learn first? Also, expect some of the teams, not only one though, to make a critical error by misreading a clue that causes their positions in the race to be on jeopardy.

Which teams do you think will be misreading a clue? By the way, Nick & Vicki will be performing a speed bump. Let’s find out if they will be eliminated this time, or if they won’t be one of the teams making a mistake and will arrive at the pit stop first.

Updates of the results will be here, as always. Know which teams arrived first. Please be back for who was kicked off, eliminated on Amazing Race 11/7/10 results.

Updates: Michael & Kevin were eliminated

1 – Nat & Kat

2 – Brook & Claire

3 – Nick & Vicki

4 – Gary & Mallory

5 – Jill & Thomas

6 – Chad & Stephanie

Michael & Kevin broke a rule and their must have a 1 hour penalty, but they are still ahead of Michael & Kevin

Chad & Stephanie broke a rule and their must have a 30 minute penalty, but they are still ahead of Michael & Kevin

3 thoughts on “Amazing Race November 7, 2010 Results 11/7/10

  1. Very disappointed in this episode – first there was ten minutes of commercials to start the show, and then Nick and Vicky mysteriously bypass having to do a speed bump. What happened?

    • Found it on Nick’s Facebook page – their speed bump was waived on this leg due to the judge at the Classical Music Detour last week making a mistake, telling them they had only three scores wrong, but they got it correctly at one time though.

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