Amazing Race November 7, 2014 Results 11/7/14

It’s the 8th leg of the Amazing Race 25 tonight. There are six remaining teams who will be traveling from Morocco to Italy for their next set of tasks. Who will arriving last at the pit stop tonight?

From Morocco, teams will be traveling to Palermo, Sicily and from there, they will be traveling to different place like Mount Pellegrino, Capella Sant Antonio and Antico Stabilimento Balneare.

The road block for tonight will be to complete a go kart race in a time of only 4:07.

For the detour, it’s either painters or posers. The painters task means teams must complete part of a ceiling fresco painting while the posers task will have them match opera characters to their costumes.

Which team do you think will be the last to arrive at the pit stop?

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Update: Tim & Te Jay arrived last, but tonight’s leg was a non-elimination one.

ROAD BLOCK – players must race in go karts. They must cross the finish line in 4:07 minutes only.

Those who did it are – Jim, Kym, Te Jay, Brooke, Maya, Adam


DETOUR – painters or posers

Painters – Misti & Jim, Adam & Bethany, Kym & Alli, Tim & Te Jay

Posers – Amy & Maya (they did painters first), Brooke & Robbie


PIT STOP – Villa Niscemi

1st – Misti & Jim – they win a trip to Ochos Rios

2nd – Kym & Alli

3rd – Amy & Maya

4th – Brooke & Robbie

5th – Adam & Bethany

6th – Tim & Te Jay

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