Amazing Race October 10, 2010 Results 10/10/10

The Amazing Race October 10, 2010 will have the teams perform challenges, still in Ghana. Titled “In Phil We Trust”, what await the teams in the third episode this season 17? At the end, who will arrive at the pit stop last and be eliminated on Amazing Race 10/10/10? Excited to know the results?

It will be a must watched episode as one team will need medical attention. Will they be able to continue in the race? Which team could it be? Meanwhile, as usual, relationships are threatened because of pressure. Who could this couple be? What road blocks and detour can we see tonight?

Would you want to find out the results of the order in which the teams arrived? This post will be updated for updates. Please be back for who was kicked off or eliminated on Amazing Race 10/10/10 results very soon!

Updates: Michael & Kevin arrived last, but it’s a non-elimination race

Detour – bicycle parts or language arts

1st – Connor & Jonathan – they won $5,000 each

2nd – Gary & Mallory

3rd – Chad & Stephanie

4th – Katie & Rachel

5th – Nick & Vicki

6th – Brook & Claire

7th – Jill & Thomas

8th – Nat & Kat

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