Amazing Race October 13, 2013 Results 10/13/13

Teams will be traveling to their next destination on tonight’s the Amazing Race season 23. There are 9 remaining teams left and from Chile, they will go to Portugal for their next set of challenges. Will it be a non-elimination leg tonight?

One team will take a huge risk in the hopes of getting a big reward, and racers will go back in time as they get medieval in a knightly Road Block, in which they must hit shields with a knight’s ballista. Who’s going to do the road block for each team?

Meanwhile, one of their tasks must be to interpret paining of Embassy Coach of Pope Clement XI to find the clue to their next destination. They must also measure Magellan’s route with a giant compass.

Expect an airport drama tonight between a couple of teams, by the way.

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Update: Chester & Ephraim got eliminated. Phil eliminated them in the airport since they were so far behind.

Teams Departure

1st – Chester & Ephraim at 6:27 PM

2nd – Leo & Jamal at 6:39 PM

3rd – Brandon & Adam at 6:58 PM

4th – Nicole & Travis at 7:11 PM

5th – Jason & Amy at 7:25 PM

6th – Tim & Danny at 12:25 AM

7th – Ally & Ashley at 12:27 AM

8th – Tim & Marie at 12:33 AM

9th – Nicky & Kim at 1 AM


Airport drama – Ticket agent booked Chester & Ephraim on a flight on a different day, even if this team arrived first. Good thing the agent found them another flight but has multiple connections. They were still delayed though.


Tim & Danny found an earlier flight. Nicky & Kim found the earliest flight, which made Marie hates them.


DETOUR – tiles or mile.s In tiles, teams must assemble a life size puzzle out of tiles. In miles, teams must go to a giant map of the world to chart Magellan’s course and calculate the miles.

Tiles – Nicky & Kim, Brandon & Adam, Tim & Marie, Leo & Jamal, Ally & Ashley – both Leo & Jamal and Ally & Ashley did the miles first.

Miles – Jason & Amy, Tim & Danny and Nicole & Travis


ROAD BLOCK – teams must file arrows medieval style.

Those who did it are Jason, Kim Travis, Danny, Adam, Ally, Tim and Jamal


PIT STOP – Castelo Dos Mouros

1st – Nicole & Travis. They won a trip to Costa Rica

2nd – Jason & Amy

3rd – Nicky & Kim

4th – Tim & Danny

5th – Brandon & Adam

6th – Leo & Jamal

7th – Ally & Ashley

8th – Tim & Marie

9th – Chester & Ephraim

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