Amazing Race October 14, 2012 Results 10/14/12

The game gets more intense in Amazing Race as teams travel from one country to another. For tonight, the nine remaining teams will remain in Indonesia for their next set of challenges. From the pit stop at Surabaya, teams will travel to Pasuruan for the next pit stop tonight.

The double u-turn is back and for tonight, the game gets personal as teams discover it’s every team for themselves. I am not expecting this at this early leg this season. But anyway, heads are set ablaze as they start to feel the heat of the race. Who will u-turn who and who will get u-turned?

Being the first team to arrive at the pit stop last week, twins Natalie & Nadiya are the first to depart tonight. They are followed by Trey & Lexi, Jaymes & James, Abbie & Ryan, Josh & Brent, James & Abba, Caitlin & Brittany, Rob & Kelley and Gary & Will as the last to depart.

The first task for the teams is to master the technique of carrying lots of plates of Padang food the way the waiter/watress servers the customer. This could be the road block for this leg. Meanwhile, one of the detours involves wearing a Singa Barong, which is a large mask made of tiger’s/leopard’s head skin on a mask with a large fan decorated with peafowl feathers. It’s like wearing a mascot outfit, but heavier with its weight if 30 to 40kgs. The other detour is frying eggs on head.

Those who will do the egg head task include Gary & Will and Brent & Josh while those who will do the lion head task include Abbie & Ryan, James & Abba and Jaymes & James.

Who will use the u-turn? Will a team be blind-sided?

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Update: Caitlin & Brittany got eliminated! 

Road block – serve 20 plates of food all at once. Those who will drop a plate will have to start again. Those who did it from each team are Lexi, Brent, Ryan, Jaymes, James, Nadiya, Brittany, Rob, Gary

Detour- lion’s head or egg head.

Lion’s head (wear giant lion mask traditional Japanese procession) – Jaymes & James, Abbie & Ryan, Trey & Lexi, James & Abba, Natalie & Nadiya, Rob & Kelley, Gary & Will, Caitlin & Brittany

Egg head (cook eggs on a coconut on fire on their head)- Josh & Brent

Double u-turn – Rob & Kelly u-turned Gary & Will. Gary & Will u-turned Rob & Kelly.



1st – Abbie & Ryan

2nd – Trey & Lexi

3rd – Jaymes & James

4th – James & Abba

5th – Josh & Brent

6th – Natalie & Nadiya

7th – Rob & Kelley

8th – Gary & Will

9th – Caitlin & Brittany

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  1. Omg. I was watching the show when someone asked me a q related to it I came across this page and before the show was even over I knew who was in what place it was funny but it’s ok now I know not to go on here till the shows actually over.

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