Amazing Race October 16, 2011 Results 10/16/11

The Amazing Race October 16, 2011 is the leg 4 this season. The teams will travel from Indonesia going to Thailand where they will be completing tasks to stay in the game. What are the challenges they must face tonight? Which team will find it hard to do the tasks and which team will be eliminated on TAR Amazing Race 10/16/11?

“This is Gonna Be a Fine Mess” is the title of this episode, where the teams swim to the ocean floor and climb to new heights. There will be an underwater challenge which they struggle and threatens their positions in the game. However, one team’s love for the outdoors might have it in their advantage during the tough climbing challenge.

The road block will be rock climbing challenge and the detour is a choice between umbrella or underwater. For umbrella, teams must setup some on the beach while for underwater, teams must build coral planters.

Which teams will struggle in the episode tonight?

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Update: No one was eliminated since this was a non-elimination leg.

1st – Andy & Tommy

2nd – Justin & Jennifer

3rd – Jeremy & Sandy

4th – Laurence & Zac

5th – Ernie & Cindy

6th – Amani & Marcus

7th – Bill & Cathi

8th – Liz & Marie

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