Amazing Race October 17, 2010 Results 10/17/10

The Amazing Race October 17, 2010 will have the teams leaving Ghana for Sweden. After the teams have finished the tasks in Ghana and helped volunteer at a local school, they will now travel and should have prepared themselves for the climate. Who won’t make it and be eliminated on TAR Amazing Race 10/17/10? Results will be here soon!

The title of this episode 4 is “We Should Have Brought Gloves and Butt Pads”. This will be the first-ever trip to the Arctic Circle, which is one of the five major latitude which mark the maps of the Earth. The countries where the Arctic Circle is have a very cold climate. Are the contestants ready for the weather?

One of the teams might make a game changing decision as they find themselves in an unfortunate position. Which of the couples could it be? Could it be Michael & Kevin again? Who do you think will it be? Have any guesses as to who might arrive last at the pit stop?

The results of which teams arrived first will be here as well as any other updates. Know who was kicked off, eliminated on Amazing Race 10/17/10 results.

Updates: Connor & Jonathan were eliminated! (shocked)

Order of which the team arrived:

1 – Nat & Kat

2 – Gary & Mallory

3 – Brook & Claire

4 – Michael & Kevin

5 – Jill & Thomas

6 – Nick & Vicki

7 – Chad & Stephanie

8 – Katie & Rachel

9 – Connor & Jonathan

Michael & Kevin – had to perform speed bump

Detour – Sleds or Beds

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