Amazing Race October 17, 2014 Results 10/17/14

The race continues tonight on the Amazing Race 25. The eight remaining teams will travel from the UK to Denmark. What are the challenges for tonight and who will be eliminated?

One team may find the need to use “the save” tonight while one team’s lack of communication will lead to a massive meltdown on the mat. Which team do you think will have a massive meltdown? Will the save be used?

Detour will either be to create a parklet before the 30 minute parking limit expires or to transport a Kransekake wedding cake on Bullitt bike.

For the roadblock, players must memorize the ingredients of over 200 sandwiches and then take and place orders.

Another task is to use a tenth of a gallon of gas to drive to Big Square.

The pit stop for tonight is at VM Houses, Orestad.

Again, updates will be posted. Follow this blog on Twitter, or like on Facebook while waiting for it. Find out the team who gets kicked off, eliminated on Amazing Race’s 10/17/14 episode as results will be posted.

Update: No one was eliminated since tonight is a non-elimination leg.

DETOUR – Parking Space or Wedding Cake. In parking space, teams must repurpose a spot known as a parklet. They must choose between 2 parklet themes – garden or living room. They then must set up before 30 minute time limit. If time is up, they must have to set up in a different spot.

In wedding cake, teams must complete a traditional wedding cake at a bakery. Using a bike, they must deliver it to a restaurant where it will be get signed in. They then must make their way back to the bakery and get their next clue.

Parking space – Misti & Jim, Brooke & Robbie, Amy & Maya, Tim & Te Jay, Shelley & Nici

Wedding cake – Kym & Ali, Adam & Bethany, Keith & Whitney

** Kym & Ali delivered the cake but they can’t find the receipt. It can’t be accepted unless they have it)


ROAD BLOCK – Teams must memorize the ingredients of over 200 sandwiches and relay the information correctly to get their next clue.

Those who did it are Maya, Robbie, Whitney



1. Kym & Alli

2. Brooke & Robbie

3. Keith & Whitney

4. Amy & Maya

5. Tim & Te Jay

6. Shelley & Nici

7. Adam & Bethany

8. Misti & Jim



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