Amazing Race October 2, 2011 Results 10/2/11

The Amazing Race October 2, 2011 is the second leg of the race. No one was sent home last week at the season premiere but in tonight’s episode there will be, not only one, but two teams for the first time ever in the show’s history. Which teams do you think will be the ones who get eliminated on TAR Amazing Race 10/2/11 results?

The teams will travel from Taiwan going to Indonesia for this episode titled “The Sprint of Our Life”. This is the first time that there will be a double elimination and when the players learned about it, they are forced to step up their game. However, some teams’ mistakes might jeopardize their chances to stay in the race.

Bill and Cathi arrived at the pit stop last so they must perform a speed bump. For this challenge, they must untie knots from a rappelling rope in order to continue the Road Block, where the teams must go down 160 feet into Jomblang Cave and search in the dark for a Javanese mask and dagger for their next clue.

Will Bill and Cathi be safe from elimination? Who are the last two teams to arrive at the pit stop?

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Update: Ethan & Jenna was eliminated; Ron & Bill was eliminated;

Ernie & Cindy was the first team to arrive but since they didn’t give all the money to the orphanage, they must go back and give it all before they can go back.

Bill & Cathi also didn’t give all the money to the orphanage so they have to go back.

Most teams didn;t hand all their money to the orphanage so these teams have to go back

Andy & Tommy – first team to officially arrive.

Laurence & Zac – 2nd

Kaylani & Lisa – 3rd

Ernie & Cindy – 4th

Liz & Marie – 5th

Jeremy & Sandy – 6th

Bill & Cathi – 7th

Justin & Jennifer – 8th

Amani & Marcus – 9th

Ethan & Jenna – 10th

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