Amazing Race October 20, 2013 Results 10/20/13

An all new episode of the Amazing Race 23 airs tonight. There are 8 remaining teams and from Portugal, they will travel into the Arctic as they reach Norway. There hasn’t been a non-elimination leg. Will it happen tonight or the episode will be to be continued?

Anyway, tonight’s episode is titled “Beards in the Wind”. From Portugal, teams will travel to Svolvaer, Norway. Teams will depart in the order of which they arrived and with this, Nicole & Travis will depart first, while Time & Marie will be the last team to leave the pit stop.

One of the tasks will be to jump off the bridge into the icy water while one of the detours involves pounding of 15 dry cod to make a kilo of jerky. Also included in the tasks is rigging and towing a sled to uncover satchel of viking coins.

Meanwhlie, Tim & Marie will face a tough decision when confronted about the Express Pass. What will they do about it?

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Update: No one gets eliminated on this leg since it’s to be continued next week…


1st – Nicole & Travis

2nd – Jason & Amy

3rd – Nicky & Kim

4th – Tim & Danny

5th – Brandon & Adam

6th – Leo & Jamal

7th – Ally & Ashley

8th – Tim & Marie


DETOUR – hang your heads or hammer of the cods. In hang your heads, teams must tie fish heads together and hang them to dry. In hammer of the cods, teams must collect 15 pairs of cod, pound them with a giant hammer and make 1 kilo of fish jerky.

Hang your heads – Brandon & Adam, Jason & Amy, Tim & Marie, Nicole & Travis, Ally & Ashley, Leo & Jamal

Hammer of the cods – Tim & Danny, Nicky & Kim


ROAD BLOCK – those who will do it must jump off a bridge on a rope, disconnect, then take the arctic plunge

Those who did it are – Brandon, Jason, Nicole, Tim, Jamal, Ashley, Tim and Nicky


PIT STIP – Viking Longhouse

1st – Brandon & Adam – they win $5,000 each




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