Amazing Race October 23, 2011 Results 10/23/11

The Amazing Race October 23, 2011, the teams are now in Thailand to perform the next set of tasks. The teams are still intact, meaning eight teams still remain since it was a non-elimination leg last week. But tonight, it’s the last leg of the race for one team. Who do you think will be eliminated on TAR Amazing Race 10/23/11?

One team is going to take a risk that could cost them the game. Which team do you think it is?

Liz and Marie arrived at the previous leg’s pit stop last. Thus, they have to perform a speed bump. However, the task might turn out to be a dream excursion for the twins, and this might push them farther back. Will it prompt them to take a risk? Are they the ones being referred to be in danger of losing the game?

The title of tonight’s episode is “I Feel Like I’m In the Circus”. Find out which team will be sent home. Follow us on twitter to get the latest update on who got kicked off, eliminated on Amazing Race 10/23/11 results as it will be posted here.

UpdateLiz & Marie got eliminated;

1st – Amani & Marcus

2nd – Bill & Cathi

3rd – Ernie & Cindy

4th – Justin & Jennifer

5th – Andy & Tommy

6th – Laurence & Zac

7th – Jeremy & Sandy

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