Amazing Race October 24, 2010 Results 10/24/10

The Amazing Race October 24, 2010, the teams are still in Europe, but this time, they will travel from Sweden to Norway to perform tasks and go to the pit stop as early as possible. Will we be shocked again as we find out who was eliminated on TAR Amazing Race 10/24/10? Results will be here once again.

Last week, Connor and Jonathan were the first team to leave the pit stop, but they ended up as the team to be sent home after arriving last. Will there be another case like this tonight?

The teams will be facing their fear of height as the Roadblock will force them to. We are going to see who are brave enough to conquer their fear of heights. They also don’t have a choice, right? Meanwhile, one of the contestants is a vegetarian and there will be challenge to eat a Norwegian delicacy. What will she or he do?

We’ll give updates of the results, as always, regarding the order of the teams’ arrivals. The team who was kicked off, eliminated on Amazing Race 10/24/10 results will be here soon.

Updates: Katie & Rachel were eliminated,

1st – Nat & Kat

2nd – Gary & Mallory

3rd – Jill & Thomas

4th – Michael & Kevin

5th – Brook & Claire

6th – Nick & Vicki

7th – Chad & Stephanie

8th – Katie & Rachel

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