Amazing Race October 24, 2014 Results 10/24/14

It’s the fifth leg on the Amazing Race 25 tonight! The teams are going Morocco tonight as their next destination. For sure, tonight is an elimination night. Who among the teams will be eliminated?

There will be a speed bump as well as double u-turn tonight. For the speed bump, Misti & Jim has to hang carpets on the walls of Hotel de France. For the double U-turn, find out who among the players will use it.

Meanwhile detour will either be twirl time, in which they must perform the Krakebs with Gnaoua musicians, or tea time, in which they must server tea for the restaurant customers and the road block will be to deliver leather hides on a bike.

Will Misti & Jim be the team to be eliminated since they have to perform a speed bump, or will it be one of the u-turned teams?

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Update: Keith & Whitney got eliminated!


1st – Kym & Alli – 9:48PM

2nd Brooke & Robbie – 12:18AM

3rd – Keith & Whitney – 12:22AM

4th – Amy & Maya – 12:37AM

5th – Tim & Te Jay – 1:00AM

6th – Shelley & Nici – 1:59AM

7th – Adam & Bethany – 2:19AM

8th – Jim & Misti – 2:29AM


SPEED BUMP – Jim & Misti must hang carpets.


ROAD BLOCK – teams must prepare animal skins and deliver the prepared skins by bicycle.

Those who did it are – Keith, Amy, Brooke, Bethany, Tim, Kym, Nici and Misti


DETOUR – Twirl Time or Tea Time. In Twirl Time, teams must become street performers. In Tea Time, teams must carry a tea set through the streets. One must balance a tray and one must pour.

Twirl time – Kym & Alli, Amy & Maya, Shelley & Nici

Tea time – Adam & Bethany, Jim & Misti, Brooke & Robbie, Time & Te Jay, Keith & Whitney (they did the twirl time first)


U-TURN – Shelley & Nici u-turned Keith & Whitney



1st – Kym & Alli (they win $5,000 each)

2nd – Adam & Bethany

3rd – Tim & Te Jay

4th – Shelley & Nici

5th – Brooke & Robbie

6th – Misti & Jim

7th – Amy & Maya

8th – Keith & Whitney

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