Amazing Race October 27, 2013 Results 10/27/13

Tonight’s episode of the Amazing Race 23 as a continuation from last week. There are still 8 remaining teams for the fifth leg and so far, we know that Brandon & Adam were the first team to arrive at the pit stop last week. Who will follow them and who will be the last team to arrive?

From Norway, teams will travel to their next destination, which is Poland for their next set of challenges. Detours will either be acting like a statue and earn 50 zloty or performing a Polish folk dance. For the roadblock, one from each team must eat a paczki, a polish donut.

Those who most likely did the statue task are Brandon & Adam and Nicole & Kim while those who did the dance task are Nicole & Travis, Amy & Jason and Danny & Tim. Based from the preview, if you were able to watch it, Danny & Tim seem to have a hard time with the task. Will that cause them to be eliminated if tonight is another elimination leg?

Meanwhile, a double U-turn is on the line which might jeopardize some team’s chances in the race. Who will get U-turned?

Don’t forget that there’s still the express pass on the line as well.

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Update: Brandon & Adam got eliminated!


Next destination – Gdansk, Poland

Tim & Marie give the express pass to Nicole & Travis…quietly


DETOUR – pose and polka. In pose, they must copy the stance of a historic statue and earn 50 zloty from watchers. In Polka, they must learn a dance. For the all male teams, one must wear a dress.

Pose – Nicky & Kim, Tim & Marie

Polka – Tim & Danny, Nicole & Travis, Nicky & Kim, Brandon & Adam (they did the pose first), Ally & Ashley, Leo & Jamal


Tim & Marie used their express pass (they were in 5th place at the time of using)



– Jason & Amy didn’t use it

– Tim & Marie didn’t use it

– Nicky & Kim didn’t use it

Tim & Danny U-turn Leo & Jamal

Leo & Jamal U-turn Brandon & Adam


ROAD BLOCK – visit the longest residential apartment building in Poland, go around and bite into pastries until they find a rose paczki.

Those who did it are Marie, Amy, Kim, Danny, Travis, Ashley, Leo and Brandon


PIT STOP – Sopot Pier

1st – Tim & Marie – they win a trip to Hawaii

2nd – Jason & Amy

3rd – Nicole & Travis

4th – Nicky & Kim

5th – Tim & Danny

6th – Leo & Jamal

7th – Ally & Ashley

8th – Brandon & Adam

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