Amazing Race October 3, 2010 Results 10/3/10

The Amazing Race October 3, 2010 is the second episode of the CBS reality series. The teams are now in London, United Kingdom where they must complete a set of tasks before they can reach the pit stop. Who arrives last and get eliminated on Amazing Race 10/3/10 results?

From London, they will travel to Ghana and while there, Jill & Thomas, who arrived first in the pit stop last week, will be having a hard time this time. Will they be using their Express Pass to avoid elimination? The Ghanaian locals will give some teams a headache to complete the high-stakes roadblock.

Will there be some twist this early in the race? Who do you think will be arriving first and who will be arriving last? Stay tuned for updates on who gets kicked off, eliminated on Amazing Race 10/3/10 results here.

Updates: Andi & Jenna was eliminated, being the last team to arrive

Roadblock – the teams must sell eyeglasses

Detour – Checkout or tune-in

Nat & Kat, Jill & Thomas and Nick & Vicki still at the Roadblock

Pit Stop

Brook & Claire – first team to arrive – they won a travel to Hawaii

Katie & Rachel – 2nd team

Michael & Kevin – 3rd team

Chad & Stephanie – 4th team

Jill & Thomas – 5th team

Connor & Jonathan – 6th team

Nat & Kat – 7th team

Nick & Vicki – 8th team

Gary & Mallory – 9th team

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