Amazing Race October 30, 2011 Results 10/30/11

The Amazing Race October 30, 2011 will be one intense episode. The teams will travel from Thailand going to Malawi for the next leg of the race. Seven teams compete at the start of this episode but at the end, one team will be sent home. Who gets eliminated on TAR Amazing Race 10/30/11?

While in Malawi, one disheartened racer gets encouraged by local workers after falling to the last place. It’s going to be an intense foot race to the first pit stop in the country. Which player could it be? Could it be Amani and Marcus who arrived first at the previous pit stop?

Titled “We Love Your Country Already: It is very spacious”, the detour is either School or Sew while the roadblock is about being a tobacco runner.

Will a U-turn be used tonight?

It will be a one intense foot race to the pit stop because one team’gets setback, most probably by a cab that breaks down or they got lost in finding the pit stop.

Anyway, follow us on twitter, just click on the twitter icon at the upper part of the website, and get the latest updates on the show. The team who got kicked off, eliminated on Amazing Race 10/30/11 results will be posted, as always.

Update: It was a non-elimination leg; No one was eliminated;

Order of arrival at the pit stop

Justin & Jennifer came in first but they didn’t pay their taxi driver so they have to do that before they can be checked-in

Bill & Cathy should have been third but they didn’t pay their taxi driver too.

1st – Andy & Tommy

2nd – Justin & Jennifer

3rd – Jeremy & Sandy

4th – Laurence & Zac

5th – Ernie & Cindy

6th – Bill & Cathy

7th – Amani & Marcus

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