Amazing Race October 31, 2010 Results 10/31/10

The Amazing Race October 31, 2010 is titled Run, Babushka, Run and the remaining teams will immerse in Russian culture as they travel from Norway to Russia. It was a close race last week. Will it happen again tonight? Who gets eliminated on TAR Amazing Race 10/31/10? Results to be posted soon.

Rachel and Katie almost get to the pit stop first than Chad and Stephanie, but while the dating couple got lost on their way to Ankenes Harbor, they still went first than the beach volleyball partners.

Tonight, the teams will immerse in the city of Russia, which is rich in culture, such as music, cinema and babushkas, where someone will step on a poop. Which team will get a hard time looking for the pit stop again? Will it be another non-elimination leg?

Please stay tuned for updates and results. The order in which the remaining seven teams arrive will be posted. Find out who was kicked off, eliminated on Amazing Race 10/31/10 results.

Updates: No one was eliminated; Nick & Vicki came in last but it was a non-elimination leg;

1st – Jill & Thomas

2nd – Brooke & Claire

3rd – Michael & Kevin

4th – Nat & Kat

5th – Chad & Stephanie

6th – Gary & Mallory

7th – Nick & Vicki

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