Amazing Race October 31, 2014 Results 10/31/14

An all new episode of the Amazing Race 25 airs tonight! The teams will remain in Morocco for their next set of challenges. How will this sixth leg goes tonight?

Titled “I Feel Like I Just Kissed a Goat”, Racers are going to struggle tonight on to complete the road block in which those who will do it will be suspended high above the Atlas Mountains. This task is sure going to be so frightening as they must solve the canyon via rope bridge and zipline.

Meanwhile, detour is either cream, in which teams must milk goats to churn it to make 3ounce of butter, or camp, in which teams must construct a traditional Berber campsite.

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Update: Shelley & Nici have been eliminated.

DETOUR – camp or cream. In camp, teams must set up a traditional tent to the specifications of nomadic people. In cream, teams must teams must milk a goat and make goat butter.

Camp – Adam & Bethany, Amy & Maya, Shelley & Nici, Brooke & Robbie, Kym & Alli (they did camp, to cream then back to cream)

Cream – Tim & Te Jay, Misti & Jim


ROAD BLOCK – players must walk on a high bridge with missing planks. They must hop on a zipline and then complete a puzzle after.

Those who did it are – Misti, Bethany, Te Jay, Alli, Brooke, Maya, Shelley



1st – Misti & Jim (they win a trip to Brazil)

2nd – Adam & Bethany

3rd – Kym & Alli

4th – Tim & Te Jay

5th – Brooke & Robbie

6th – Amy & Maya

7th – Shelley & Nici


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