Amazing Race October 6, 2013 Results 10/6/13

The second episode of the Amazing Race 23 airs tonight on CBS. The teams are now in Chile and will stay in this country for the second leg of the race.

10 teams remain after Hoskote & Naina got eliminated last week for arriving last at the pit stop. Who’s going to follow them, if tonight is another elimination leg, or could it be a non-elimination leg?

Titled “Zip It, Bingo”, the teams race to Santiago, Chile for their next set of tasks. A team’s communication blunder at a bus stop could cost it their chance at the game. Which team could it be?

Tonight’s detour brining or mining – either breaking salt rocks or jumping into salt water pool trying to read a newspaper. For the road block, teams must find a marked Lustrabotas stand and must polish shoes.

Those who might do the road block are Amy, Leo and Nicole. Those who might do brining include Amy & Kason, Ally & Ashley and Kim & Nicole while those who might do the mining are Cheser & Ephraim, Leo & Jamal and Brandon & Adam.

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Update: Rowan & Shane arrived last and have been eliminated from the race.

Delayed in EST due to football

DETOUR – mining or brining. In mining, teams must break open boulders of salt to search for their next clue. In brining, teams must add salt to a pool water until they can float comfortably.

Those who chose mining are – Leo & Jamal, Brandon & Adam, Rowan & Shane, Chester & Ephraim

Those who chose brining are – Nicole & Travis, Ally & Ashley (who did mining first), Tim & Marie, Jason & Amy, Nicky & Kim, Tim & Danny


ROAD BLOCK – Teams must shine shoes


PIT STOP – Cascada de las Animas

1st – Chester & Ephraim – they win a trip to Turks and Caicos

2nd – Leo & Jamal

3rd – Brandon & Adam

4th – Nicole & Travis

5th – Jason & Amy

6th – Tim & Danny

7th – Ally & Ashley

8th – Tim & Marie

9th – Nicky & Kim

10th – Rowan & Shane

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