Amazing Race October 9, 2011 Results 10/9/11

The Amazing Race October 9, 2011, the nine remaining teams are still in Indonesia for the third leg of the race. Most of the teams had their sprint of their life last week. Will it happen again tonight? Who will be the next team to be eliminated on TAR Amazing Race 10/9/11? Results will be provided, as always.

Still in Indonesia, the teams will race and do challenges to be able to stay in the game. The pressure and tension arises as everyone tries to be ahead o f each other. Two teams will join forces to push through a mind-numbing mental challenge. This is for the roadblock at an ancient Buddhist temple.

Meanwhile, this episode “Don’t Lay Down On Me Now” could be titled against this team which gets stranded as they watch the others race. Which team could it be?

Anything could happen in this race. Find out the next who will be sent home. For the latest updates, click on the twitter icon at the upper right corner of this web site to know who got kicked off, eliminated on Amazing Race 10/9/11 results during or right after the show.

Update: Kaylani & Lisa got eliminated;

1st – Any and Tommy

2nd – Lawrence and Zac (they used 4 buckets instead of only two, so they got 15 min. penalty before they were able to checked in)

3rd – Jeremy & Sandy

4th – Justin & Jennifer

5th – Ernie& Cindy

6th – Amani & Marcus

7th – Bill & Cathi

8th – Liz & Marie

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