Amazing Race October 9, 2015 Results 10/9/15 Results

It’s Amazing Race episode 3 tonight! What are the challenges? Who went home? Here’s the recap:

TEAM DEPARTURE – in order of arrival from last episode’s pit stop:

1st – Justin and Diana

2nd – Tanner and Josh

3rd – Denise and James Earl

4th – Logan and Chris

5th – Cindy and Rick

6th – Tiffany and Krista

7th – Kelsey and Joey

8th – Jazmine and Danielle

9th – Ernest and Jin


Teams travel to San Antonio de Areco by bus. It’s a small town in Argentina.

Those in the first bus are – Justin & Diana, Tanner & Josh and Kelsey & Joey

Those in the second bus are – Denise & James Ear, Logan & Chris, Cindy & Rick, Tiffany & Krista, Jazmine & Danielle

The only team in the third bus – Ernest & Jin


ROAD BLOCK – teams must hang meat on racks that needs to be cooked.

Those who did it are – Diana, Josh, Chris, Joey, Rick, Danielle, James Earl, Krista and Ernest


DETOUR – horse or carriage.

Horse – teams must equip a polo hors

Carriage – teams must detail a carriage and a group of horses must be harnessed into it.

Those who did horse are – Tanner & Joshn, Kelsey & Joey, Justin & Diana, Denise & James Earl, Jazmine & Danielle, Logan & Chris

Those whi did carriage are – Cindy & Rick, Tiffany & Krista, Ernest & Jin

** Cindy & Rick and Tiffany & Krista forgot to take the equipment with them from the place where they got the clue. With this, they must return to the start.


PIT STOP – Museo Gauchesco


1st – Tanner & Josh – they win a trip to Cambodia

2nd – Justin & Diana

3rd – Kelsey & Joey

4th – Jazmine & Danielle

5th – Logan & Chris

6th – Denise & James Earl

7th – Cindy & Rick

8th – Tiffany & Krista

9th – Ernest & Jin – ELIMINATED


** Tanner & Josh tell Phil that they will U-turn Justin & Diana, with the two in from of them.


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