Amazing Race September 25, 2011 Results 9/25/11 Premiere

The seven-time Emmy Award-winning reality series The Amazing Race season 19 premieres tonight, September 25, 2011. Are you ready for the new season? 11 teams will race around the world, but only one team will win the 1 million grand prize. In each destination, one team will be leaving. Who will be the first among the teams to get eliminated on Amazing Race 9/25/11 results?

Two former Survivor winners, a football player, a professional snowboarders and the youngest person under the age of 18 to sail around the world are some of the contestants for this season. Will one of them make it to the final destination? Here are the complete list of contestants.


The Amazing Race 19 Cast

Ernie Halvorsen & Cindy Chiang, Engaged

Justin Young & Jennifer Young, Siblings

Liz Canavan & Marie Canavan, Twins

Ron Zeitz & Bill Smith, Domestic Partners

Ethan Zohn & Jenna Morasca, Dating

Bill Alden & Cathi Alden, Married for 40 Years/Grandparents

Andy Finch & Tommy Czeschin, Friends/Former Olympic Snowboarders

Amani Pollard & Marcus Pollard, Married

Kaylani Paliotta & Lisa Tilley, Friends/Former Vegas Showgirls

Laurence Sunderland & Zac Sunderland, Father/Son Adventurers

Jeremy Cline & Sandy Draghi, Dating


The first episode tonight is titled “Kindness of Strangers”. The starting line is at Hacienda Heights in California. From there, the team will travel to Taiwan to complete the first set of challenges. But one team’s position in the game will be in jeopardy when they lose their passport less than an hour into the race.

Who will be the first team to arrive at the pit stop last? The show will air from 8pm to 9pm ET. Find out the first team who gets kicked off, eliminated on Amazing Race 9/25/11 results. Updates will be provided here.


Update: No one was eliminated; Next week is a double elimination leg;

The teams arrived in order

1st – Ernie & Cindy

2nd – Jeremy & Sandy

3rd – Justin & Jennifer

4th – Ethan & Jenna

5th – Amani & Marcus

6th – Laurence & Zac

7th – Andy & Tommy

8th – Ron & Bill

9th – Kaylani & Lisa

10th – Liz & Marie

11th – Bill & Cathi


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