Amazing Race September 26, 2010 Results 9/26/10 Premiere

The Amazing Race season 17 premieres tonight, September 26, 2010 on CBS. 11 teams will compete for the grand prize of 1M dollars where they will race from the US to different parts of the world. Are you excited to find out who will be eliminated on Amazing Race 9/26/10 results? We are excited to see all teams tonight!

Here are the 11 contestants of The Amazing Race (TAR) 17:

Andie & Jenna – Birth Mother / Daughter

Brook & Claire – Home shopping Hosts

Chad & Stephanie – Newly Dating

Connor & Jonathan – Ivy League A cappella Singers

Gary & Mallory – Father / Daughter

Jill & Thomas – Dating

Katie & Rachel – Beach Volleyball Players

Michael & Kevin – Father / Son

Nat & Kat – Doctors / Friends

Nick & Vicki – Dating

Ron & Tony – Best Friends

The season 17 premiere will be 90 minute episode, where the contestants will be leaving from Eastern Point Yacht Club in Gloucester, Massachusetts going to London, England. Titled “They Don’t Call It The Amazing Race For Nothin!”, the first team to reach the pit stop will get a game changing advantage.

Will there be a team that will be eliminated or kicked off first on Amazing Race 9/16/10 results? Please stay tuned for updates, as always.


Jill & Thomas were the first team to arrive. They won an express pass.

Ron & Tony were the first team to get eliminated

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