Amazing Race September 26, 2014 Results 9/26/14 Premiere

An all new season of the Amazing Race returns tonight! Yes, the Amazing Race season 25’s time slot is on Friday night at 8pm ET, not on Sundays anymore. What do you think of the change in day and time?

Aside from the new day and time, a new game-changing element is introduced – “The Save”. With this, the team who finishes first in the season premiere tonight will be awarded “The Save”. They can use it to rescue themselves if they come in last on a leg and face elimination.

Anyway, teams will begin their adventure tonight as they set off Times Square in NYC going to different places around the world. Their first destination is at the U.S. Virgin Islands. Who will be making it to the first pit stop?

Results and updates will be posted, starting tonight. Follow this blog on Twitter, or like on Facebook for the updates. Find out the first team who gets kicked off, eliminated on Amazing Race’s 9/26/14 results.

Update: Lisa & Michelle are the first team to be eliminated!

Road block – racers must shovel with a marking indicating 1 yard and a set of directions from a liven landmark. With a compass, they must follow the directions from the landmark and uncover a treasure chest for their next clue.




1. Misti & Jim

2. Tim & Te Jay

3. Kym & Alli

4. Brooke & Robbie

5. Adam & Bethany

6. Amy & Maya

7. Dennis & Isabelle

8. Shelley & Nici

9. Keith & Whitney

10. Michael & Scott

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