Amazing Race September 29, 2013 Results 9/29/13 Premiere

The Amazing Race is back with an all new season beginning tonight! It’s the 23rd season of the reality series where we get to see the contestants race around the world as they perform challenges. Are you excited for the Amazing Race season 23 premiere tonight?

There are eleven teams consisting of two members each. Former NFL players, baseball wives, a beauty and a Minor League Baseball player are included in this season. Will one of them be eliminated early?

Tonight’s episode title is “We’re Not In Oklahoma No More”. The teams will depart from Los Angeles going to their first destination which is Iquique, Chile. The double express is on the line. Plus, one race must face his/her fear of heights. This is for the roadblock, which is to paraglide 1500ft above Iquique. Another task is to row boats before the clue to the pit stop, which is in Plaza Prat, Iquique, is given.

One team might row the boat without a paddle just because they misread a clue, while another team will steal another team’s taxi.

Which among teams are at risk of arriving at the pit stop last and be the first team to be eliminated? Join us each week as updates are given here once again. Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook for the results, beginning on tonight’s season premiere. The first team who gets kicked off, eliminated on Amazing Race 9/29/13 results will be here.

Jasin & Amy – Dating
Rowan & Shane – Theater Performers
Leo & Jamal – Cousins
Chester & Ephraim – Former NFL Teammates
Hoskote & Naina – Father/Dauther
Ally & Ashley – Ice Crew Girls
Nicole & Travis – Married ER Doctors
Brandon & Adam – Childhood Friends
Tim & Danny – Best Friends
Tim & Marie – Exes
Nicky & Kim – Baseball Player Wives

Update: Hoskote & Naina arrived last and got eliminated!

ROAD BLOCK #1 – paragliding. One will do the task while the other meet him/her at the final destination. The person who volunteers is the one who will NOT do it.

ROAD BLOCK #2 – choose a rowboat and search the harbor for 5 fish from any 3 fishing boats. The paraglider must do this because they did not do the first one, TECHNICALLY.


1st – Tim & Marie – they win two express passes in which they get to give one to the team they like

2nd – Nicole & Travis

3rd – Rowan & Shane

4th – Chester & Ephraim

5th – Nicky & Kim

6th – Ally & Ashley

7th – Leo & Jamal

8th – Jason & Amy

9th – Tim & Danny

10th – Brandon & Aam

11th – Hoskote & Naina



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