Amazing Race September 30, 2012 Results 9/30/12 Premiere

The new season of the Amazing Race begins tonight! Are you excited for 21st season of the CBS show? Eleven teams of two will travel around the world once again as they perform sets of tasks and challenge. Who will be the first team to have a breakdown? Who will be the first to be eliminated tonight?

Looks like we have an interesting team this season and that’s the Chippendales team! Will they be the first team to be sent home? How long will they last in the game?

Anyway, here are the 11 contestants of The Amazing Race 21:

Nadiya & Natalie – Twin Sisters
Josh & Brent – Goat Farmers/Life Partners
Rob & Kelley – Married Monster Truckers
Trey & Lexi – Dating
James & Abba – Rock and Roll Friends
Abbie & Ryan – Dating Divorcees
Jaymes & James – Chippendales Dancers
Rob & Sheila – Engaged Lumberjacks
Caitlin & Brittany – Best Friends
Gary & Will Best Friends/Substitute Teachers Gary 0, Will 0
Amy & Daniel Dating On and Off

There’s a new twist this season. The winning team could win $2 million grand prize, and their position during the first leg is crucial for this prize. If the team that comes in first in the first leg tonight wins the final leg of the race, they will win $2 million. If not, the winning team will win $1 million.

For tonight’s episode titled “Double Your Money”, the pressure is on as the teams find out about this twist. Meanwhile, one team’s act of kindness will come back to haunt them. Is it some kind of a mistake for that kindness?

The starting point of the race is in Los Angeles. From there, they will travel to Shanghai, China for their first set of tasks. One of the tasks is to rappel from a bridge while one of the road blocks is to eat stewed papaya with snow clams. Another task is to find a woman with abacus.

There could be a suspenseful finish to the first leg on the season premiere tonight. Could it be because of one team’s act of kindness?

Anyway, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook for the results of tonight’s episode. Find which team is the first who got kicked off, eliminated on Amazing Race 9/20/12 results.

Update: Rob & Sheila were eliminated!

1st – Abbie & Ryan

2nd – Amy & Daniel

3rd – Caitlin & Brittany

4th – Nadiya & Natalie

5th – Rob & Kelley

6th – James & Abba

7th – Josh & Brenth

8th – Gary & Will

9th – Trey & Lexi

10th – Jaymes & James

11th – Rob & Sheila

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