America’s Got Talent July 13, 2011 Results 7/13/11

The results for the first batch of contestants who advanced on the quarterfinals will be revealed in America’s Got Talent July 13, 2011. Which of the 12 acts will make it to the next round? Four will be chosen. Find out who got the people’s votes on America’s Got Talent 7/13/11 results?

Among those who performed last night that we enjoyed performing are Miami All-Stars, Dezmond Meeks, Snap Boogie, Echo of Animal Gardens and Sandou Russian Bar Trio. Will they advanced to the semifinals? What do you think? Who’s your favorites? Who did you vote for? Which acts will be the first to make it?

Updates on the show will be provided, The acts who advanced and the elimination results will be here for America’s Got Talent July 13, 2011 results.

Update: Here are the results week 1

List of acts who advanced are:

Snap Boogie

Sandou Russian Bar Trio

Anna Graceman

Miami All-Stars

** choice between Miami All-Stars and Fiddleheads

13 thoughts on “America’s Got Talent July 13, 2011 Results 7/13/11

  1. Fred: if you’re talking about Howie Mandel being “the other one with no talent.” first of all, he’s not from this country either. He’s Canadian. Second of all, he used to be a stand-up comedian. Then he created the cartoon show Bobby’s World, and did the voice for Bobby. So I’m not sure what you mean by your comment?

  2. Screw u Fred. Howie is an amazing comedian/entertainer. And who really cares where the judges come from.

    Damn good thing I missed this episode. My tv would be thrown out a window if I watched it.

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